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Youtube ReVanced APK v18.13.8– 2023 (Premium, No ADS)

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YouTube ReVanced, a new application made available for the Android platform, offers an improved version of the universal YouTube smartphone experience.

Through the use of the most up-to-date YouTube APIs ReVanced lets you access a range of exclusive features previously exclusive domain of YouTube’s paid-tiers, which include ad-free streaming of content and uninterrupted playback of background audio as well as the suppression of sponsor messages.

Beyond the basic functional enhancement, ReVanced furnishes users a large amount of customization that allows them to design an ideal UX/UI symbiosis that will meet the individual needs.

While ReVanced offers a variety of benefits for Android users, its current version is not compatible to iOS devices, restricting the range of applications and the extent of its engagement with users in this Apple ecosystem.

About Youtube ReVanced APK (Alternative of Youtube Vanced)

YouTube Vanced was an ad-free and popular YouTube application that was available for Android. But, back in March, the app’s developers stopped work on YouTube Vanced on Google’s behalf. This means that YouTube Vanced is no longer able to receive updates and might end up being incompatible with YouTube.

Youtube ReVanced Mod APK

YouTube ReVanced is the latest application that was created in order to replace YouTube Vanced. It has several of the key options, such as the ability to block ads and playback of background videos.

YouTube ReVanced works with the most recent YouTube version, and comes with additional features such as a true Dark mode that is AMOLED, swipe control and various customization options. Additionally, it has a sponsorship block feature which allows users to turn off advertisements.

Youtube ReVanced

Though it’s still being developed, YouTube ReVanced is a excellent alternative to YouTube Vanced on Android devices. It is however not yet available on iOS.

AMOLED Dark Mode

One of the most notable YouTube ReVanced highlights is the fact that it has a true MOLED Dark Mode. In the event that it is turned on, the dark setting uses a black and power-saving theme to the entire YouTube videos, which reduces the strain on your eyes. Dark mode is quickly accessed via the settings of the app and can be enabled with just one switch. This feature is convenient and provides an enjoyable viewing experience that is ideal for watching late at night or over a long period of time.

Swipe Control

YouTube ReVanced comes with a handy feature that allows users to control the brightness and volume of their screen. By simply swiping the fingers, users can alter the brightness or volume. The intuitive function, which is reminiscent of video players such as MX Player, enables quick and effortless adjustments to meet preference for viewing. In removing the requirement to stop playback, or open settings menus, the swipe feature allows you to easily enhance the experience of watching when on the move.

Customization Options

YouTube ReVanced has a simple swipe control function. By simply swiping the fingers, users can alter the brightness or volume. The intuitive function, which is reminiscent of players for video like MX Player, enables quick and easy adjustments that can be made to your the preferences of viewers. It eliminates the necessity to playback paused or go into the settings menu, swipe control allows you to easily enhance the experience of watching when on the go.


YouTube ReVanced comes with a sponsored blocker feature that allows users to avoid annoying sponsored advertisements and outros. When flipping an option in the application’s settings, users will be able to avoid any interruptions during the video due to branded videos and continue to play back their content uninterrupted. The app allows users to avoid ads and enjoy videos without ads.

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To conclude, YouTube ReVanced is an Android application that improves your YouTube experience. It comes with features like the AMOLED Dark mode sliding brightness and volume controls, numerous choices for customization, as well as sponsorship blocks, YouTube ReVanced offers Android users a slick, personalized experience on YouTube.



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Youtube ReVanced APK v18.13.8– 2023 (Premium, No ADS)

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