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Nyx Music Player Pro Apk v2.2.6 (Full Unlocked)

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Are you an avid music listener in search of an ideal player? Look no further than Nyx Music Player Pro, an upgraded version of Nyx Music Player that offers beautiful designs with smooth transitions and button animations, making this app both aesthetically pleasing and packed with useful features that set it apart from other music players.

Nyx Music Player Pro Mod Apk provides something for all music enthusiasts – from its Looper feature that lets you repeat favorite parts of a song to its Nature Sound feature that plays music at nature’s 432 Hz frequency, there is something here for every musical taste.

About Nyx Music Player Pro Apk

Nyx Music Player Pro Apk is a music player application for Android phones that offers many smart and useful features. The Pro version of the app is unlocked and ad-free. Nyx Music Player has a rich song collection and a unique theme that can be customized to the user’s liking. The app allows users to easily search for their favorite music and continuously update hot songs on all topics.

Users can customize features from brightness to sound and music playback. The app also has a looper feature that allows users to choose their favorite songs and play them continuously. Users can change the volume and adjust the tags of music files freely.

Nyx Music Player has a gorgeous design and is easy to use and navigate. However, some users have reported bugs with the app such as its search function not working and its shuffle being the same every time. Furthermore, users have reported issues with saving custom images for albums, artists and individual songs; some users have stated this feature does not function correctly.

Some of the features are:


Nyx Music Player boasts an elegant design with smooth transitions and button animations that enhance user experience. It offers various themes ranging from light, dark, black and accent color themes – with accent color themes offering six different color choices including blue, red, violet, cyan pink peach giving users plenty of options to personalize the app to their liking – giving users plenty of opportunities to customize it their way! There are 24 possible theme styles users can select to make the experience their own.

Unique Features

Nyx Music Player stands out among similar apps with its unique features, including Looper which enables users to repeat favorite parts of a song. Other highlights of the player include its Nature Sound feature which plays music at nature’s 432Hz frequency and Volume Boost which increases volume up to 150%. Furthermore, 3D sound adds surround audio effect. Furthermore, Nyx Music Player comes equipped with scheduling capabilities so users can set playlists like alarms as well as folder feature which lets them organize songs into folders for easy listening experience.


Nyx Music Player features a visualizer with customizable options to respond in real-time to music being played, providing users with an engaging listening experience. Users can adjust react intensity, frequency range, smoothing settings, number of bars, react size, and react scale for a tailored visual experience. Furthermore, its reactive nature ensures an immersive and dynamic listening experience.


This app features an in-built lyrics feature, displaying them on the main screen and providing manual search options to quickly find lyrics for their favorite songs and sing along as they listen. Users can use this feature to follow along and sing their hearts out while enjoying listening.


Nyx Music Player includes an equalizer that offers several preset options and allows for customized preset creation. In addition, bass/treble adjustments and volume boost are possible up to 150% – for an enjoyable user experience! Furthermore, its visually appealing design enhances user experience further.

Tag Editor

The app comes equipped with a tag editor that enables users to edit music file tags and select suggested song information and art for easier organization of their library and search capability. This feature makes finding specific songs much simpler.

General Features

Nyx Music Player features several general features to enhance user experience. Users are able to include or exclude specific folders, manage tabs to personalize their layout of the app, and give more control over how they interact with it. These options provide greater freedom over how one interacts and uses this app.

Final Thought

Nyx Music Player Pro stands out from other music players with its extensive feature set and customization options for an exceptional listening experience. Its beautifully crafted design, smooth transitions and button animations all add up to an exceptional user experience while unique features like Looper, Nature Sound and Volume Boost make this stand-out among its competition.

Nyx Music Player Pro stands out as an all-inclusive music player, boasting features like visualizer, lyrics feature, smooth equalizer and tag editor for an unparalleled music listening experience. If you enjoy listening to music with plenty of customization options available then give Nyx Music Player Pro a try – it may just become your new go-to app.



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Nyx Music Player Pro Apk v2.2.6 (Full Unlocked)

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