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Download YouTube Red Apk v18.14.37 (100% Working All Country)

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If you are tired of annoying ads interrupting your favorite video on YouTube, then YouTube Red is for you! YouTube Red is YouTube’s premium subscription service that gives you an ad-free YouTube experience, lets you watch your favorites offline, and provides early access to videos from creators before anyone else.

With YouTube Red, the commercials and promos will vanish so you can enjoy non-stop streaming of gaming channels, comedy sketches, tutorials, vlogs and more.

No more pinching your nose closed during product placements, you’ll get pure, uninterrupted entertainment. You can also download videos and playlists to watch anywhere without an internet connection. Download YouTube Red

About YouTube Red Apk

YouTube Red is YouTube’s premium subscription service that provides an enhanced viewing experience for users. For a monthly fee, YouTube Red removes advertisements, allows offline viewing of videos and playlists, gives access to exclusive content from YouTube creators, and includes additional features like a dark theme option and “snooze time” to pause the app.

YouTube Red subscribers can immerse themselves in YouTube without any interruptions from commercials or product promotions. They can download videos and channels to enjoy anywhere offline, perfect for long trips, limited connectivity or just wanting to watch away from the internet. YouTube Red also provides early access to special live streams, behind-the-scenes footage and video premieres from favorite YouTubers before the general public.

Red also includes an optional black theme to provide an easier viewing mode. With high-quality, uninterrupted entertainment and extra features available offline, YouTube Red is the premium YouTube subscription made for completionists and dedicated viewers.

What is Youtube Red?

YouTube Red is YouTube’s premium subscription service that provides an ad-free, immersive viewing experience. For a monthly fee, YouTube Red removes advertisements from YouTube, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content uninterrupted. YouTube Red also offers the ability to download videos and playlists to watch offline wherever you want.

There are several advantages to using YouTube Red:

  • Ad-free viewing – Enjoy your favorite YouTube content without any advertisements. YouTube Red removes commercials and promotions from the YouTube experience.
  • Offline viewing – Download videos and playlists to watch offline wherever you want. View YouTube on the go without an internet connection
  • Early access to exclusive content – Get special access to livestreams, behind-the-scenes footage, video premieres and more from favorite creators before anyone else.
  • Watch Later – Easily save videos to continue watching later. Pick up right where you left off.
  • Snooze Time – Set a timer to pause watching for a period of time so you can take a break and come back to your content.
  • Black Theme – Use a dark mode theme on YouTube for an easier viewing experience.
  • Live Streaming Chat – Chat directly with creators as they live stream and go live on YouTube. Join live Q&A sessions and discussions.
  • Mobile & web available – Access YouTube Red on the YouTube mobile app, YouTube website, smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming media players and more.
  • No commitment – YouTube Red subscriptions are flexible month-to-month commitments. Cancel at any time.
  • Ad-free Mobile & Gaming – The YouTube Red experience carries over to the YouTube mobile app, gaming app and YouTube Gaming website/app.
  • Available in 29 countries – YouTube Red is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and 26 additional countries in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. YouTube Red aims to expand to more locations over time.

Key Features

Offline Viewing

YouTube Red’s offline viewing feature allowed subscribers to download their favorite YouTube videos and watch them even without an internet connection. Users could browse the extensive library of YouTube content as normal and save individual videos, channels, playlists or batches of videos to enjoy later offline.

Anything downloaded could be viewed repeatedly without expiration. There were no limits on how many times a video could be watched offline or dates by which downloads had to be viewed by.

Original Shows

As part of a YouTube Red subscription, users received access to a library of exclusive original shows produced by YouTube. YouTube Red subscribers could enjoy 6 new original shows each month at no additional cost, with the option to pay a small fee for unlimited access to YouTube’s catalog of exclusive content.

YouTube’s original shows covered a wide range of genres, topics and formats to appeal to diverse interests. There were scripted and unscripted shows, drama and comedy, how-to’s and gameplays, discussions and adaptations. Nearly every taste could be satisfied with YouTube’s selection.


YouTube Red included access to YouTube Music, Google’s music streaming service. YouTube Music provided a catalog of songs, albums, playlists, radio stations and more from artists across all genres. Nearly any music could be found and streamed through YouTube Music.

With a YouTube Red subscription, YouTube Music was ad-free. Commercials and promotions did not play during music streaming and playback, allowing the enjoyment of tunes uninterrupted. YouTube Music also allowed saving favorite songs, albums, playlists and stations to listen to offline.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Red included access to YouTube Gaming, a platform dedicated to gaming video content and culture. YouTube Gaming gave subscribers special access to exclusive original shows, live streams, movies, music videos and live gaming events not available anywhere else. YouTube Gaming provided ad-free viewing of all content. Commercials and promotions did not play, allowing immersion in gaming entertainment without interruptions.

YouTube Kids

One of the best things about YouTube Kids is that there are no ads. You can just sit back and enjoy watching content with your little viewers without any commercials. The app also provides parental controls so you can set time limits, enable content filters, block certain creators or topics, and get reports on your kids’ watching habits. As an expert reviewer, I know how crucial control and monitoring tools are for parents. YouTube Kids delivers on that front.

What’s the difference between YouTube Red and premium?

Here are the key differences between YouTube Red and YouTube Premium:

• YouTube Red is YouTube’s ad-free subscription service. It provides ad-free viewing of all YouTube content including regular YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Originals, etc. YouTube Premium builds on YouTube Red and includes additional premium features like downloading videos for offline viewing, playing videos in the background, and viewing 4K content.

• YouTube Red costs $9.99/month for a single account or $14.99/month for a family account. YouTube Premium subscription is $11.99/month for an individual account or $17.99/month for a family account. Premium provides more value with its additional capabilities.

• YouTube Red subscribers get access to exclusive YouTube Originals series and movies. YouTube Premium provides access to the full library of YouTube Originals as well as other premiumTV shows and films. Premium has a larger selection of premium video content.

• Offline viewing and background playback are only available with a YouTube Premium subscription. Red only provides ad-free streaming on the YouTube platforms and apps.

• 4K video content and VR180 3D content can only be viewed in 4K or VR format with a Premium account. Red subscribers are limited to standard 2D video playback.

• Family accounts with Premium support up to six account members. Family accounts on YouTube Red support up to five account members. Premium family accounts have an additional user slot.

• Premium provides theme options to customize the YouTube experience. There are no theme choices with YouTube Red. Customization is limited to basic account settings.

• YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music Premium at no additional cost. YouTube Red does not include YouTube Music Premium. Premium subscribers get the full YouTube Music experience ad-free.

In summary, YouTube Premium provides a more immersive and customized ad-free experience with features like offline viewing, background playback, 4K video, VR content, and YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Red is a good option if you simply want ad-free streaming of regular YouTube content. But Premium is recommended if you want the ultimate YouTube experience.

Final Word

YouTube Red APK provides an ad-free premium YouTube experience on Android devices. As an Android app reviewer, I highly recommend YouTube Red APK for anyone seeking an immersive distraction-free way to enjoy their favorite YouTube content.

YouTube Red APK delivers an ad-free YouTube with no interruptions from commercials or sponsor messages. You can fully immerse yourself in videos without any annoying ads popping up.

It also allows background playback so you can keep watching even when the app is minimized or switched to other apps. This is perfect for binge-watching long-form content or following multi-part tutorial series.

If internet connectivity is limited at times, you can also download videos and playlists to view offline on your commute or in other places with unreliable Wi-Fi.



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Download YouTube Red Apk v18.14.37 (100% Working All Country)

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