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Download OG WhatsApp APK v20.20.0 Latest Version 2023

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Are you fed up with the limitations and limitations of the regular WhatsApp? If you are, then you might think about moving onto OG WhatsApp. OG WhatsApp is a popular APK for Android users, and it comes with enhanced functions and capabilities in comparison to the standard version WhatsApp.

In this blog article we’ll discuss the main characteristics that are available in OG WhatsApp and explain how you can download and utilize WhatsApp on any Android phone.

WhatsApp APK

OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version

OG WhatsApp APK which is a different version of the well-known messaging application WhatsApp. It comes with enhanced functions and features when compared with WhatsApp’s regular version. WhatsApp that includes the possibility of installing several instances of the application on the same device, and it is possible to personalize the application with various designs and themes.

OG WhatsApp also allows users to gain access to features, such as setting up messages, and obscuring the status of their account online. This app is a favorite among Android users that want to have more control and flexibility in their WhatsApp user experience.

One of the primary benefits that comes with the use of OG WhatsApp is the fact that it lets users install several instances of the application on their mobile devices. That means you are able to make use of several WhatsApp accounts on one device. This can prove beneficial for both business and personal usage. In addition, OG WhatsApp allows users to personalize their apps using different styles and themes. This will allow you to customize your WhatsApp experience, making it unique.

For downloading and installing OG WhatsApp for your Android device take the steps below:

  • Click on the OG Download Section and download the APK file.
  • Download the APK file, and then follow the prompts on screen for installing the application.
  • After the application has been installed you can open the app and input your mobile number to confirm the account.
  • Now you can use an OG WhatsApp exactly like you utilize the normal version WhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp offers a number of functions that aren’t included on the regular WhatsApp. A few of these are the possibility of sending larger files, the possibility to block your online status as well as the capability to plan messages to be sent later at a date. To make use of these functions you need to open the app and then navigate to the appropriate section. To schedule, for example messages, head on to the “Schedule Messages” section and follow the screen instructions.

To make the most from OG WhatsApp, here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Utilize”Hide Online Status” to avoid being disturbed by messages “Hide Online Status” feature to keep yourself from being interrupted by notifications when you’re working or do not want to disturb others.
  2. Make use of the “Scheduled messages” option to organize and plan your messages ahead of time. It can be helpful for sending birthday wishes, or other reminders to contacts.
  3. Explore the many themes and styles that are available on OG WhatsApp and personalize the app according to your preference.

Anti Ban Features of OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp offers several features to protect users from being barred from the official WhatsApp application. The features aim to ensure that users are not found to be using a third party application, which could cause being banned. The most important security features that prevent bans in OG WhatsApp include:

  • Privacy settings:OG WhatsApp allows users to conceal their status online and hide their last viewed timestamp and conceal the “typing” indicators. These settings can protect users from being identified by a third-party application by WhatsApp’s authentic WhatsApp servers.
  • Anti-revoked messages: OG WhatsApp comes with an anti-revoke option that blocks users from being able erase or revoke messages delivered to them. It is useful for people who would like to record conversations they have had and stop others from being able to delete messages once they’ve been shared.
  • Protocols against bansOG WhatsApp has special anti-ban protocols to prevent users from being identified by a third-party application. The protocols are regularly upgraded to make sure that users ‘ identities are never revealed to WhatsApp’s Official WhatsApp servers.
  • Updates on a regular basis: OG WhatsApp is constantly updated with the latest options and features, which include changes to the anti-ban protocol. This makes sure that users are not at risk of being barred from the official WhatsApp application.

The anti-ban functions in OG WhatsApp are designed to assist users in avoiding being found to be using a third party application and then being barred from the official WhatsApp application. This feature can give assurance to users who would like to take advantage of the features and functions of OG WhatsApp and not worry about being blocked.

A few of the most important Features are as follows:

WhatsApp Locker

OG WhatsApp includes several inbuilt tools that you can use to block the application as well as protect messages and chats from unauthorised access. These options are intended to offer a safe locking mechanism for WhatsApp and without the requirement to install an app locker from a third party.

One of the most important lock-down features built into OG WhatsApp is the option to create a PIN or password to access the application. You can do this from the settings menu in the app in which you are able to turn on the lock, and create a PIN or password that you want to use. When enabled, the app requires you to input the password or PIN every time you use it. This will ensure that only you are able to access to chats and messages.

Alongside the password lock, or pin, OG WhatsApp also offers the possibility of using your biometric device to access the application. That means you could utilize your fingerprint or facial recognition to open the application, which adds additional security. The feature can only be used for devices that can support biometric authentication. For instance, ones with fingerprint scanners or facial recognition.

Multiple instances

One of the most important advantages that is a major feature of OG WhatsApp is the ability to run multiple instances of the application on the same phone.

It is possible to utilize more than one WhatsApp accounts with the same phone. This is beneficial for private and professional usage. You could, for instance, use one account to manage personal contact and one for work-related contacts. This feature isn’t offered on regular WhatsApp that allows users to use just one account for each device.

Status Downloader

OG WhatsApp includes an inbuilt status downloader that lets users to download and save statuses of contacts. This is an excellent feature for those who wish to share and save interesting and funny statuses to their acquaintances. In order to use the built-in status downloader function within OG WhatsApp Follow these steps:

  1. Start the OG WhatsApp application and navigate through the “Status” tab.
  2. Browse through the statuses of your contacts, and then select one you wish to download.
  3. Select the download icon located in the lower-right area of the page’s status.
  4. The status is downloaded and stored on your storage device.

The built-in status downloader feature within OG WhatsApp is quick and user-friendly, and it lets users save the statuses they like without the hassle.

Furthermore, users can send downloaded statuses to friends via other apps and other social networks. The feature isn’t available in the standard version of WhatsApp and creates OG WhatsApp a great alternative for those who wish to store and share status updates.

Contact numbers that are not saved

OG WhatsApp allows users to call numbers that are not saved this is an option which isn’t available on normal WhatsApp. This is useful when making calls to numbers which don’t appear on the list of contacts on your phone for example, customer service number or business phone numbers.

If you want to make a call an un-saved phone number with OG WhatsApp you need to launch the app and navigate into”Calls” “Calls” area. In the next section, input the number that you would like to contact and then tap on the “Call” icon.

OG WhatsApp will then connect with the number and let you call the person at the other side. The feature is very simple to access and handy for making calls to numbers that aren’t included in your contacts.


One of the most notable features of OG WhatsApp is the ability to modify the app using various themes and styles. It allows users to customize their WhatsApp experience, making the app more distinctive. OG WhatsApp offers a wide variety of styles and themes that users can choose from, such as darker themes, lighter themes, and bright themes. Users can also modify the font and background of the app according to the preferences of their choice.

Scheduled messages

OG WhatsApp also offers the possibility of scheduling messages to be delivered at a later date. This is great to send birthday wishes or reminders to contacts. In order to use this feature you simply need to visit the “Schedule messages” section in WhatsApp and input the date and the time that you would like the message to be transmitted. It is then possible to compose the message, and OG WhatsApp will automatically send the message at the time you specify.

Disable Online Status

A further benefit that is a great feature OG WhatsApp is the ability to conceal your status online. It allows you to stay clear of getting a message in the middle of your day while you’re busy or aren’t interested in being disturbed.

For this option visit the “Privacy” section in WhatsApp and select”Hide Online Status. “Hide Online Status” option. It will block your contacts from knowing that you’re online. This means you are able to utilize WhatsApp without interruption.

Copy the status to your clipboard

One of the most useful functions that is available in OG WhatsApp is the ability to duplicate any status message in your clipboard. It allows you to swiftly and conveniently save the status updates of your contacts to use with other apps, or even send them out to friends.

In order to use this feature you need to launch WhatsApp OG WhatsApp app and go to the “Status” section. There, you will be able to check the statuses for your contacts. Choose which one you wish to copy. After you’ve selected the status, click on the “Copy” button for it to be copied onto your clipboard.

Then, you can copy the status to any app, or send it to others if preferred. This option is not offered within normal WhatsApp and only permits the users to save messages on their gallery.

Tips and tricks

Alongside the functions previously mentioned, OG WhatsApp also offers various strategies and suggestions to assist users in getting maximum benefit from the application.

As an example, users could make use of”Scheduled Messaging” and “Scheduled Messages” feature to organize and plan their messages prior to.

This is handy for sending birthday wishes or other reminders to contacts. Users can also look through the various designs and themes available on OG WhatsApp and modify the application to suit their preferences.

Permission is required to use OG WhatsApp Apk

OG WhatsApp requires the following authorizations to work properly when used on Android devices: Android device:

  • Modify, read, or remove the contents stored in the storage device on your device
  • Connect your device’s camera or microphone
  • You can access your phone’s contacts as well as call logs
  • Edit, read and remove your device’s SMS message
  • Track your device’s exact position
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Start running at the start
  • Control your device’s vibration
  • Stop your device from going to sleep
  • Access data via the internet

The permissions required are essential to allow OG WhatsApp to be able to use the different capabilities and features of the application, including the sending and receiving of messages, making calls as well as sharing media documents. Important to remember that you are able to deny or grant individual permissions while installing OG WhatsApp to your phone.

In the end, OG WhatsApp is a well-known APK which offers more functions and capabilities compared with traditional WhatsApp. Users can download several instances of the application to their mobile, and customize the application with various themes and styles, as well as gain access to features such as sending messages to a specific time and hiding your the status of their online accounts.

This guide should have given you a better understanding of the advantages of making use of OG WhatsApp and the best way to download it and install the app on an Android phone. To learn more about OG WhatsApp and similar APKs take a look at these additional sources listed below.



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Download OG WhatsApp APK v20.20.0 Latest Version 2023

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