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Wavelet Pro Mod Apk [Ads Free+ Premium]

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Wavelet is an Android app that provides headphone-specific equalization, allowing users to finely tune and customize their listening experience. With Wavelet, you can adjust bass, reverb, and other effects to simulate a variety of spatial sound profiles. Whether you want punchier bass, a concert hall reverb, or a futuristic sci-fi effect, Wavelet makes it possible to craft your perfect sound.

Wavelet’s highly customizable equalizers and effects deliver a unique listening experience that enhances your favorite music. Download the ad-free Wavelet Pro Mod to unlock the full potential of your headphones and improve the sound quality of your Android device.

About Wavelet: headphone specific EQ (Pro Unlocked)

If you’re the type to geek out over audio fidelity, you know that the right sound setup is everything when it comes to your mobile listening experience. Whether you’re getting lost in music, journeying through cinema, or battling through gameplay, your audio enhancements can make or break the moment.

Wavelet Pro Mod Apk

Wavelet Pro is the tool engineered to take your mobile audio into high-definition territory. With a database of over 3,300 pre-tuned headphone models and enough custom tweaking capacity to satisfy even the most discerning of audiophiles, Wavelet Pro is your ticket to pure sound bliss from every headphone in your collection.

Their patented AutoEQ technology maps and compensates for the unique characteristics of your headphones to nail the harmon-target sweet spot of natural, balanced sound. So no matter what cans you’re rocking, Wavelet Pro is your assurance of drawing out their full audio potential.


Wavelet’s AutoEQ is your golden ticket to sound nirvana, tailored to your every headphone and audio taste. Whether you’re craving the pounding bass of rock, the laid-back beats of hip hop or a different sonic flavor altogether, Wavelet auto-magically crafts an EQ to match. Not feeling the vibe? Take matters into your own hands—tweak the levels of bass, treble, midrange and low end until the sound is your perfect jam. With customization at every turn, you’re the master of your listening experience.

Wavelet Pro Apk

9-band Graphic Equalizer

With Wavelet’s Equalizer, you can craft your perfect sound. It offers a wide range of customizable EQ settings to achieve your ideal listening experience. You can save separate profiles for different music genres and headphones.Wavelet’s Equalizer includes a 9-band graphic EQ to compensate for uneven frequencies or spikes. Adjust the level of each band to balance the sound to your liking. With Wavelet, you have the tools to make your music sound as perfect as you wish.

Wavelet Pro Apk

Bass booster

Wavelet enhances audio from any headphones using a custom method to boost bass frequencies. It amplifies the frequencies lacking in your headphones, resulting in louder, clearer sound. Wavelet also amplifies the bass and treble of your audio recordings by adjusting the low- and high-frequency content. With Wavelet, you can compensate for your headphones’ limitations and sculpt the sound to your liking.


Wavelet lets you simulate reverberation for a more natural sound. It adds a ‘room’ effect by echoing each audio track to simulate the way sound bounces off walls in an acoustic space. Wavelet applies reverb only to echoed sounds so that the audio does not become distorted. With Wavelet’s reverb, you can give your music the warmth and spaciousness of a physical listening room.

Wavelet Pro Apk


Wavelet’s virtualizer adds a spatial effect to your headphones for an enhanced listening experience. You can adjust the spatialization based on your room size using the Flexible EQ feature. With Wavelet, you can improve your audio quality with powerful effects like room simulation. Whether you want an intimate space or expansive hall ambiance, Wavelet’s virtualizer lets you craft your ideal soundscape.

Bass Tuner

Wavelet provides powerful bass and treble controls. It automatically adjusts the frequency range to suit your headphones’ design. With multiple EQ bands including low, mid and high frequencies, you can finely tune bass and treble for each band. This lets you shape your headphones’ sound with unparalleled precision. Whether you want punchier bass or more sparkling highs, Wavelet puts you in control of your listening experience.

Wavelet Pro Apk


Wavelet includes a volume limiter that caps volume without compromising sound quality. The limiter detects your music’s volume level and adjusts volume in your headphones accordingly. With Wavelet’s volume limiter, you can listen at a comfortable volume without risking hearing damage or distorted sound from maxing out the volume.

Final Word

Wavelet Mod APK delivers an enhanced audio experience for Android. Simulate powerful bass, reverb, and spatial effects to craft your perfect sound. Download Wavelet Mod APK to unlock the full potential of your headphones and take your listening to the next level. If you have any issues or feedback, please comment or contact us.



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Wavelet Pro Mod Apk [Ads Free+ Premium]

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