Gcam for Realme Narzo 30 & 30 Pro (5G)

Google Camera 8.1 for Realme Narzo 30 & 30 Pro (5G)

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Are you looking to enhance the camera performance of your Realme Narzo 30 or Narzo 30 Pro (5G)? Look no further than Google Camera, also known as GCam. This popular third-party camera app developed by Google is known for its ability to produce high-quality images with features like Night Sight, Astrophotography mode, and HDR Enhanced.

The GCam mod port is specifically designed to work with the Realme Narzo 30, Narzo 30 5G, and Narzo 30 Pro 5G, making it an ideal choice for users of these smartphone models. In addition to its impressive photography capabilities, GCam also offers a range of other features like SloMo, Beauty Mode, Lens Blur, and PhotoSphere.

So why settle for the standard camera app when you can take your smartphone photography to the next level with GCam? Read on to learn how to download and install Google Camera on your Realme Narzo 30 or Narzo 30 Pro (5G).

Google Camera 8.1 for Realme Narzo 30 & 30 Pro (5G)

Google Camera, also known as GCam, is a popular third-party camera app developed by Google. It is known for producing high-quality images with features such as Night Sight, Astrophotography mode, and HDR Enhanced. The GCam app can be used to improve the camera performance of the Realme Narzo 30 and Narzo 30 Pro (5G) smartphone models.

These phones come with a 48MP QuadBayer sensor and a stock camera app that offers good performance, but GCam can take your photography to the next level, particularly for selfies and low-light shots. The GCam mod port is compatible with the Realme Narzo 30, Narzo 30 5G, and Narzo 30 Pro 5G, and can be downloaded and installed easily on these devices. The app has a range of features, including SloMo, Beauty Mode, Lens Blur, PhotoSphere, and more.

Some of the features are:

Night Sight

One of GCam’s standout features for the Realme Narzo 30 series is Night Sight mode. This innovative mode enables you to take crisp, detailed nighttime photos without needing a flash. Using advanced image processing, Night Sight dramatically improves brightness and color, allowing you to capture natural-looking shots even in very low light.

With Night Sight, you’ll be able to photograph scenarios that would otherwise be impossible to capture, like starry skies or neon-lit city streets at night. If you frequently shoot in dark environments, Night Sight is a must-have capability.

Astrophotography Mode

GCam’s awesome night photography modes are reason alone to install it on your Narzo 30 or 30 Pro. I mean, how cool is it that you can take jaw-dropping shots of the night sky and neon-lit city streets with your phone?

Night Sight lets you capture crisp details and natural colors in super-dark conditions without flash. So next time you’re out late and see something you just have to snap, you’ll be able to get a great shot even with minimal light.

And if astrophotography is your thing, you gotta try GCam’s Astrophotography mode. It uses long exposures and smart processing to capture the cosmos in all its glory. Point it at the stars and be amazed by how much detail you can see—this ain’t your average smartphone camera app!

Whether you’re outdoors at night often or just curious to explore after-hours photography, GCam’s insane night modes make it worth grabbing for your Narzo 30. Beyond the dark, it also rocks portrait mode and other pro-level features. Definitely don’t settle for your phone’s basic built-in camera when you could level up your shots with GCam.

HDR Enhanced

GCam’s HDR Enhanced mode is like having an ace up your sleeve for tricky lighting situations. When regular shooting leaves you with dull, washed-out highlights or inky shadows, HDR Enhanced swoops in to save the day.

It works by merging multiple shots at different exposures into one, giving you a final image with way more dynamic range than a standard photo. So when you’re trying to capture high-contrast scenes that might fool a basic camera app, HDR Enhanced helps you pull off shots with detail, tone, and color throughout.

Whether you’re shooting stormy landscapes, backlit portraits, or other mixed-light scenes that stress out your average camera, HDR Enhanced is a power move for getting the balanced, true-to-life shots you envision. Forget messing around with manual tweaks and bracketing—let GCam’s wizardry work its magic with HDR.


With GCam’s SloMo mode, you can capture fast-action moments in slow motion. This creative video mode films at a lower frame rate than normal, then plays back at normal speed to create a slowed-down, stretched-out effect. You can choose from different frame rate options to vary the degree of slowdown.

Whether you’re looking to highlight quick-hitting details in sports or action shots, creatively stretch out fast-moving events, or simply add visual interest to your videos, SloMo mode is a handy tool for anyone who wants to experiment with this popular effect. If you frequently film action or motion, SloMo is worth trying to gain a new creative perspective on the footage you capture.

Beauty Mode

Let’s be real—smartphone cameras can be a little too brutally honest sometimes. But with GCam’s Beauty Mode, you can show your close-ups some mercy.

One slider lets you dial in a health-and-glow boost to your portraits and selfies. Another lets you smooth things out and minimize blemishes or under-eye circles if you want. However much (or little) enhancement you’re going for, Beauty Mode lets you tweak photos to your liking without crossing the line into uncanny valley territory.

So the next time your BFF asks for a snap but isn’t quite feeling their best, throw on that Beauty Mode and make them camera-ready. And when you want to share a selfie but aren’t in the mood for ultra-high def, Beauty Mode has your back for that too. Think of it as your secret weapon for staying social media-ready when real life isn’t quite cooperating!

Lens Blur

With GCam’s Lens Blur mode, you can ditch your fancy DSLR and still get those creamy pro-level blurs. A few taps lets you artfully blur your backdrop into oblivion, drawing all the focus onto your main subject for a dramatic, magazine-worthy shot.

Lens Blur is your ticket to portrait mastery, macro magic, and other creative effects that play with depth of field. And the best part? Unlike pricey lenses, it’s 100% free to try and tinker with.

So give your shots a professional boost with the kind of background blur and subject pop that turns heads. Then watch the “#nofilter” comments roll in and just smile, ’cause your Lens Blur secret’s safe with us.


With GCam’s PhotoSphere mode, you can capture 360-degree panoramic images of the scenes around you. By stitching together multiple shots into a single, wide-angle photo, PhotoSphere lets you share immersive views that showcase the breadth of spectacular landscapes or other eye-catching spaces.

Whether you’re trying to convey the scale of a dramatic sky or sprawling nature spot, or simply want a more interactive way to share scenic photos, PhotoSphere is a unique tool worth exploring. If you frequently photograph wide open spaces or are interested in experimenting with different imaging formats, PhotoSphere can offer an engaging new creative outlet.


GCam’s Playground mode lets you customize your shots with stickers, text, and other fun elements. Whether you want to add graphical flair, a personalized message, or just let your creativity loose, Playground has you covered. This casual yet playful feature is great for livening up everyday snaps or putting an extra-creative spin on posed portraits or scenic shots. If you’re into photography as artistic expression and enjoy visual embellishment, Playground gives you a low-pressure space to experiment and express yourself.

RAW Support

With GCam’s RAW support, you can capture photos in an uncompressed format that offers more editing flexibility than standard JPEG. RAW images contain unprocessed sensor data, allowing you to adjust exposure, white balance, color, and more after shooting.

This level of control is ideal if you’re finicky about getting your shots just right or want to rescue imperfect pictures in post. Shooting RAW also preserves the most detail from your camera sensor, resulting in higher image quality. For anyone interested in either casual or serious mobile photography, GCam’s RAW capability is a powerful feature worth taking advantage of.

Google Lens

GCam includes integrated Google Lens, which uses AI to recognize objects, scenes, and text in your photos. With just a tap, Lens can identify plants, landmarks, books, artwork, and more—then provide useful information or similar images.

It translates text, gives you shopping links, and lifts words and numbers off of signs or documents. Whether snapping for work or play, Lens makes it fast and simple to get content or context, adding a layer of practical magic to your everyday shots and travels alike. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of AI-powered vision, Google Lens is worth trying in GCam.

How to Install Google Camera on Realme Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G

Installing Google Camera on your Realme Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the GCam app from a reliable source. The Pixel 4’s GCam 7.4 and Pixel 5’s GCam 8.1 are known to work well on the Realme Narzo 30 and 30 Pro (5G).
  2. Once the download is complete, open the app and grant it the necessary permissions.
  3. The GCam app will now be available on your Realme Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G and can be accessed from the camera app tray.
  4. To access the various features of GCam, simply tap on the corresponding icons within the app.
  5. You can now start using GCam to capture high-quality photos and videos on your Realme Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G.

Note: It is recommended to only download GCam from a trusted source to avoid downloading any potentially harmful or malicious software. Additionally, some features of GCam may not be fully compatible with the Realme Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G, so it is worth experimenting with different settings to find the best results.

Final Word

With its powerful features and capabilities, Google Camera (GCam) is a compelling choice for anyone who wants to enhance and explore the photography potential of their Realme Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G. Whether you’re after pro-level nighttime and action shots, advanced effects like blur and panoramas, or AI-powered tools to boost your casual snaps, GCam has you covered.

So if the stock camera app leaves you wanting more creative control and quality, GCam is worth trying. Chances are, you’ll gain a new appreciation for what’s possible with your Narzo 30 (Pro) 5G’s camera—and maybe even discover a new photography passion. For photo enthusiasts and experimenters alike, GCam can be a revelatory upgrade to realize and push your device’s full imaging potential.




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Google Camera 8.1 for Realme Narzo 30 & 30 Pro (5G)

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