Google Camera for Realme 8 and 8 Pro

Google Camera for Realme 8 and 8 Pro [Gcam Port Apk]

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If photography is something that interests you and you own either the Realme 8 or 8 Pro smartphone models, installing Google’s Camera application might just help enhance the quality of smartphone camera photos taken with either device. One solution could include downloading Google’s GCam app to use on both phones.

This groundbreaking camera software has earned high acclaim for delivering images with excellent detail and clarity even on devices equipped with lesser camera hardware.

This blog post will offer an in-depth exploration of Google Camera app features and how they work on Realme 8/Pro phones, providing you with instructions to install GCam onto these smartphones for stunning portraits, vibrant landscape shots and low light photography. GCam allows smartphone photographers to expand their photography abilities beyond what was ever possible before.

Google Camera

Google Camera for Realme 8 and 8 Pro [Gcam Port Apk]

Google Camera (GCam) is an Android camera app created and distributed by Google for use exclusively with their devices, best known for producing high-quality pictures with fine detail and clarity, often overshadowing stock camera apps on many devices.

Although only available directly through Google devices, many modified versions referred to as GCam MODs can also be installed onto other devices for greater compatibility.

These MODs bring similar capabilities and features found on Google devices to non-Google devices. Some key features of GCam include HDR10+, NightSight, Portrait Mode, and Astrophotography Mode – these techniques reproduce greater ranges of luminosity within images while NightSight helps capture quality shots even under low lighting conditions.

Portrait Mode allows users to blur the background of an image for an aesthetic bokeh effect while Astrophotography Mode lets them capture high-resolution night sky photos.

On non-Google devices running Android 7.0 or later with Camera 2 API enabled (in some instances root access may also be necessary for activation), users may install and begin using GCam app features immediately.

Some of the features are:


One of the standout features of the Google Camera app is HDR10+ capability, or high dynamic range (HDR), a photography technique used in photography and film to reproduce a greater range of luminosity within images. By taking advantage of HDR10+ you’ll be able to take photos that provide greater detail and color accuracy even under challenging lighting conditions.

Advanced algorithms enable this feat through the use of the HDR10+ feature on the Google Camera app to reduce noise and motion blur in final images, whether shooting outdoors in bright sunshine or dim indoor lighting conditions. Capturing photos that look true to life and full of detail.


NightSight, one of the many useful features available within the Google Camera app, allows users to capture high-quality images under low light conditions without using flash photography or another external source such as smartphone camera apps.

No matter if shooting at dusk or in dimly-lit rooms; or shooting outdoors under starlight; NightSight can assist with taking sharp and detailed shots without needing flash.

How does Google Camera work? In essence, its advanced algorithms combine several exposures taken at different settings of a scene into a single picture with enhanced detail and reduced noise for maximum vibrancy in photos taken using standard phone camera apps. As a result, these photos come out much clearer and brighter.

Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode has become an increasingly popular feature on smartphones in recent years and so it comes as no surprise that the Google Camera app includes it. By taking photographs using Portrait Mode, users can take images with an aesthetically blurred background that puts subjects front and center for vivid photos with great depth perception.

To achieve the bokeh effect in photos taken using the Google Camera app, a technique known as dual pixel technology measures the distance between background and subject and creates an accurate depth map that’s used to add bokeh effects in background photos.

No matter whether it’s people portraits or close-ups of objects, the Google Camera app’s Portrait Mode makes creating stunning and professional-looking photographs effortless and accessible.

Astrophotography Mode

If you want to capture images of the night sky with your Google Camera app, Astrophotography Mode should become part of your toolbox. Similar to NightSight in that it allows users to capture high-quality photos even under low light conditions; however, Astrophotography Mode specifically helps photographers take photos of celestial bodies such as stars.

With Astrophotography Mode on Google Camera app, you’ll be able to take clear and detailed night sky photographs even under low light conditions – perfect for amateur astronomers or simply photographers looking for new ways to capture its beauty and wonderment!

No matter whether it be amateur photography or amateur astronomy that interests you – take full advantage of Astrophotography Mode as part of your toolbox today.

How to enable the Astrophotography Mode on GCAM using Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro

To enable Astrophotography Mode on Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro devices using Gcam, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure that the Google Camera App (GCam) is installed on your Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro device; otherwise, download from an online source if necessary.
  2. Launch the GCam App from Realme 8, Realme 8 Pro device or SD memory card and swipe leftward from the left edge screen to access the main menu of the Realme Camera App
  3. Scroll down and tap “Astrophotography.” 5 Make sure that the “Astrophotography” switch is turned on. 6. Return to the main camera view and point your phone toward the night sky; halting 7. Hold steady your device while pressing the shutter button for taking a picture.
  4. GCam will automatically adjust exposure and focus settings in order to capture an optimal image of the night sky.

Note: Astrophotography Mode may not be available on all GCam versions or on all devices. If you don’t see the option in the GCam app on your Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro, it may not be supported on your device.

How to Capture Stunning Images Using GCAM on Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro

To capture stunning pictures using GCam on a Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro, here are a few helpful GCam tips:

  1. Utilize HDR10+: When used properly, HDR10+ can help improve detail and color accuracy for photos taken under difficult lighting conditions. Simply activate its main menu setting of HDR10+ when taking pictures using your GCam app to take advantage of it.
  2. Try NightSight: If shooting in low light conditions, using NightSight on the GCam app can help take clear and detailed images without needing a flash. Simply switch it on in its main menu for instantaneous results!
  3. Utilise Portrait Mode: On the GCam app, Portrait Mode allows users to capture stunningly blurred background photos that make subjects stand out against an unobtrusively plain background. Simply touch on the “Portrait” icon within the main view for this option to work!
  4. Try Astrophotography Mode: If you want to capture photographs of the night sky, the Astrophotography feature in GCam app should definitely be on your must-have list. Simply turn it on in its main menu and point your phone toward it!
  5. Utilizing a tripod or stabilizing device: To get optimal results with the GCam app, keeping your phone steady is paramount in getting great pictures. A tripod or similar stabilization device may help produce sharper images that capture moments as they happen more effectively than ever.
  6. Explore Different Settings:** The GCam app features many settings and options you can use to enhance the look of your photos, so don’t be shy to experiment and see which works best with each scene or environment you find yourself photographing.

Hope these tips help you capture captivating images using the GCam app on your Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro smartphone! Happy shooting.

Final Word

To sum it all up, Google Camera app, better known by its acronym GCam, is an indispensable resource for improving smartphone camera photos. No matter if it is Realme 8 Pro or not GCam can assist in producing stunning shots with excellent detail and clarity.

With features such as HDR10+, NightSight, Portrait Mode, and Astrophotography Mode, GCam offers you everything you need to elevate your smartphone photography to new levels. Officially only available on Google devices, numerous modified versions known as GCam MODs may also be installed onto other devices for use.

For Realme 8 or Realme 8 Pro users seeking to maximize the performance of their smartphone camera, we highly suggest giving GCam a try.



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Google Camera for Realme 8 and 8 Pro [Gcam Port Apk]

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