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Viewranger Premium Apk v10.11.72 [Mod Unlocked]

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ViewRanger was a mobile app tailored to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The app provided access to maps, tracks, routes, points of interest. This data is specifically for activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding. Using ViewRanger, users could plan their routes in advance, track their activities as they progressed, and navigate to points of interest along the way.

However, ViewRanger has since been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Outdooractive app, which serves a similar purpose but with upgraded features and functionality. ViewRanger is no longer available for download.

Viewranger Premium Apk

Additionally, if you made one-time payments for maps in ViewRanger, you can access a set of free maps in the Outdooractive app. These maps will be from the same map data provider or an alternative provider depending on the map region. If you had a current ViewRanger subscription, you will have an Outdooractive Pro subscription that will expire at the same time as your ViewRanger subscription. You can renew your subscription through the Outdooractive app. It is no longer possible to purchase or renew a ViewRanger subscription.

Viewranger Mod Apk

In addition to accessing your data, the Outdooractive app also has some new features, such as compatibility with OS Wear-enabled smartwatches. This allows you to navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist. You can also record new tracks and pause or stop existing track recordings. View heading, bearing, lat/long, and altitude data on your smartwatch as well.

Viewranger Pro Mod Apk

Some features of the Outdooractive app, such as viewing online maps, browsing routes, downloading maps and routes, and sharing your location using BuddyBeacon, require an internet connection. The app also offers access to free global maps from OpenStreetMap contributors.

Access to Maps and Other Data

ViewRanger was a mobile app that granted outdoor enthusiasts access to a multifaceted toolkit for planning and navigating adventures.

Through an expansive collection of mapping data including topographic layers, satellite imagery, and crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and location aware features like activity tracking, routing, and POI integration, ViewRanger enabled immersive experiences in the wild. Whether hiking untrailed terrain, cycling uncharted mountain bike routes, or skiing unplowed backcountry, users could weave together maps and GPS functionality to embark on journeys unconstrained by lack of planning or fear of getting lost.

However, despite a loyal following among adventurers seeking an all-in-one navigation companion, ViewRanger has ceased development, with features and services being subsumed into the Outdooractive app.

Viewranger Premium Apk 2022

Route Planning and Tracking

ViewRanger was a mobile app that provided outdoor enthusiasts access to a wide range of mapping data and features for planning and navigating adventures. Users could create and save their own routes using the app’s map data and drawing/measuring tools, or import pre-made routes from other sources.

The navigation tools allowed users to then follow routes in real time, providing guidance to keep them on track. ViewRanger also enabled recording activities, capturing metrics like distance traveled, time elapsed, and average speed. Through powerful yet intuitive trip-planning, navigation, and tracking capabilities, ViewRanger instilled confidence in users to embark on journeys through uncharted territory or along unfamiliar paths.

Social Features

ViewRanger offered outdoor enthusiasts a full suite of mapping and navigation tools, along with social features to share experiences and connect with other users. Users could share their tracked routes and activities with others, in turn viewing and following the shared content of the wider community.

The BuddyBeacon feature allowed users to share their real-time location with friends and family. Through its balanced offerings of technical capabilities and social networking, ViewRanger enabled outdoor adventurers to explore the uncharted while still maintaining connections.

Compatibility with Wearable Devices

ViewRanger offered an expansive set of mapping and navigation features, reinforced by social networking capabilities and extensive device support. The app was compatible with smartwatches and fitness trackers that enable users to access features.

ViewRanger also integrated with popular fitness apps like Strava and Endomondo, allowing users to synchronize activity data and share their outdoor adventures with wider social networks. Through powerful technical capabilities, connectivity, and sharing features, ViewRanger equipped outdoor enthusiasts with a comprehensive tool for exploring, navigating, and enjoying the outdoors.

Viewranger Premium Apk

In-App Purchases

ViewRanger offered outdoor enthusiasts a powerful mapping and navigation app with both free features and in-app purchases. While core features like activity tracking and route planning were free to use, users could opt to pay for access to additional maps and data or subscribe for wider feature access.

These in-app purchases allowed users to customize their ViewRanger experience based on specific needs and preferences. Whether using the free tools or upgraded experience, ViewRanger provided a compelling solution for exploring and navigating the outdoors.

Final Word

ViewRanger was a mobile app that served as an all in one solution for outdoor adventurers. It provided access to a wealth of maps, tracks, routes and POIs to aid in planning adventures. Users could then utilize ViewRanger’s navigation and tracking tools to explore the outdoors with confidence and monitor their progress. Social features connected enthusiasts and allowed sharing experiences with others.

While ViewRanger garnered a loyal following, it has since been discontinued. The app and its offerings have been succeeded by Outdooractive, a spiritual successor looking to build upon ViewRanger’s vision of helping people enjoy and explore the outdoors.



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Viewranger Premium Apk v10.11.72 [Mod Unlocked]

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