Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod Apk

Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod Apk v4.0.75 (Unlocked)

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Are you searching for an easy and secure keyboard specifically tailored to smartphones, while providing additional protection? Look no further than Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod Apk.

This customized version of Typewise’s popular Keyboard app contains all its privacy-enhancing features along with additional pro ones like multilingual typing capabilities and personalized word suggestions, key vibration options and customization settings for key vibration, emoji style preferences and more – not forgetting its added layer of security features such as anti-keylogging measures.

About Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod Apk

Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod APK is a mobile keyboard application specifically tailored for mobile phones that aims to maximize typing experiences through intuitive gestures and intelligent autocorrect features.

Available free-of-charge for most platforms, Typewise Offline Keyboard offers added protection with offline-only security as compared to its online-based counterpart “Typewise Keyboard”, providing another layer of privacy as online features are not accessible via this version of its offline predecessor “Typewise Keyboard.”

Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod APK prioritizes privacy by operating locally on devices without sending typing data into the cloud. Furthermore, unlike many custom keyboards available today, Typewise Offline Keyboard requires no permissions from you for accessing calendar entries, contacts files GPS locations or any other source of personal data on the device.

Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod APK offers several useful features, including typing multiple languages without switching, personalized word suggestions and 16 additional themes to choose from, creating custom text replacements as well as setting key vibration intensity levels for individual keys. Setup of this application is straightforward and user-friendly to ease typing across languages without switching modes.

Some of the features are:

Offline Functionality

Typwise Offline Keyboard’s main draw is, as its name suggests, its offline capability. This enables it to function without an internet connection for additional privacy for users concerned about transmitting their data over the web. While some online features might not be accessible via this version of Typewise’s keyboard app, users still reap its many other advantages and can take full advantage of all other benefits provided by Typewise Offline Keyboard.

Typewise PRO Features

In addition to being offline, the Typewise Offline Keyboard comes equipped with several Typewise PRO features such as the ability to type simultaneously in multiple languages without switching, personalized word suggestions and additional customization options – with 16 themes from which users can select, create custom text replacements of their own as well as adjust settings like key vibration intensity, emoji style font size swiping behavior settings etc. for optimal use.

Hexagon Layout

One of the hallmarks of Typewise’s hexagon layout stands out. Deviating from traditional keyboard layout based on 140-year-old mechanical typewriter, its hexagon layout makes keys 70% larger and easier to hit compared with its conventional keyboard equivalent – leading to significant typo reduction – such that recent studies with over 37,000 participants demonstrated it reduced typos by an astounding 80%.

Intuitive Gestures

Typewise provides intuitive gestures designed to make mobile typing faster and simpler, such as the ability to swipe up for capitalization of letters, swipe left for deletions or right to restore lost text. Users can quickly learn these gestures for efficient mobile typing on small displays.

Smart Autocorrect

Typewise’s Smart Autocorrect is designed to assist users in writing perfect sentences by learning their typing habits and suggesting appropriate words and phrases. While other autocorrect systems may make nonsensical corrections, Typewise’s intelligent autocorrect can adapt itself specifically to each user’s typing style for optimized accuracy.


Typewise’s commitment to privacy stands out among its major selling points. Running locally on user devices, it does not transmit typing data into any cloud infrastructure for storage – giving users peace of mind knowing their typing data cannot be compromised by third parties or shared freely across devices.


Typwise is unique among custom keyboard apps in that its permission requirements only cover key vibration and subscription services – making it the ideal solution for users concerned about what access their keyboard app may have to their personal data.


Typewise offers support for an expansive list of languages — English, French, German, Spanish and Indonesian among them – giving users access to over 40 of them along with accent support on smartphones running Android 6 or higher devices. The app itself has also been optimized specifically for optimal usage on these phones.

Final Word

Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod Apk is an enhanced version of the popular Typewise Keyboard app, offering added protection with offline mode functionality and including Typewise PRO features such as multilingual typing without switching, personalized word suggestions and various customization options.

This app’s hexagon layout makes keys 70% larger and easier to hit, thus decreasing typos by 80%; intuitive gestures and smart autocorrect feature further simplify smartphone typing experience and increase efficiency..



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Typewise Offline Keyboard Mod Apk v4.0.75 (Unlocked)

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