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RainViewer: Weather Radar Map v2.20 (Premium)(Mod Extra)

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Would you be interested in using an excellent weather application to stay updated on the current weather conditions outside? Then RainViewer Mod Apk is perfect for you! In this helpful guide, we’ll tell you all about RainViewer Mod Apk and show how it can make learning about the weather super fun.

RainViewer Mod Apk is an incredible weather app just for kids. It has lots of cool features to help you discover the weather. This app help you know how hot or cold it is outside and whether the sun is shining, it raining, snowing, or windy. It even shows you if there are any storms coming so you can pick out the right jacket!

What is RainViewer Mod Apk?

RainViewer Mod Apk is an upgraded version of the awesome RainViewer weather app. It gives you even more features to learn about the weather than the regular RainViewer app.

Some of the best new things in RainViewer Mod Apk are:

  • No annoying ads: The modded version is add-free so you can use it without interruptions.
  • Supers detailed weather radar: The radar shows exactly where rain, snow, hail and storms are falling on the map. It uses cool colors to represent what kind of precipitation is falling in each area.
  • Short-term weather forecast:  The app provides forecasts for the next few hours up until the next few days! See exactly what kind of weather is coming so you can plan your day.
  • Enhanced radar data: RainViewer Mod Apk gives you access to more advanced radar information than the original app. You’ll see rainfall rates, storm rotation and more to really understand weather systems moving into your region.

RainViewer Mod Apk is perfect for any one who loves learning about the weather. With its detailed radar maps, forecasts and add-free design, you’ll have hours of fun exploring all the different types of precipitation and storms.

Download RainViewer Mod Apk today and start discovering the amazing world of weather! With its kid-friendly features and educational tools, the weather will never seem boring again.

Why Choose RainViewer Mod Apk?

There are many reasons to choose RainViewer Mod Apk over other weather apps. Here are just a few:

Real-Time Radar Data

Rainbow Radars helps you find out how much rain, snow and hail will fall from the sky so they know what to do each day! This app shows colorful radar pictures that tell you exactly where raindrops, snowflakes and icy pellets are falling down from the clouds.

Rainbow Radars can show what’s happening right now with the weather or predict what the weather will be like tomorrow and the next few days. So you will always know if they need to grab an umbrella, coat or sled before heading outside.

The app uses simple words and fun images to explain different types of precipitation like drizzle, downpour, dusting, blizzard and more.You can learn all about how weather forms in the clouds while still enjoying playful graphics and animations.

Ad-Free Use

Rainbow Radars is an ad-free weather app just for you! That means no silly commercials popping up while you are trying to see the radar. They can concentrate on learning all about weather with fun facts and exciting images without any annoying interruptions.

The ad-free design makes Rainbow Radars perfect for whenever you want fast answers about the precipitation outside. Need to know if rain is on the way to an amusement park? Want to see if snow will close school tomorrow? Curious if hail might damage the backyard basketball hoop? Rainbow Radars provides quick weather updates for you on-the-go.

Enhanced Radar Data

Rainbow Radars Pro brings even more amazing weather details to you! This special edition provides super-powered radar that lets you explore weather like never before.

Rainbow Radars Mod shows how fast raindrops, snowflakes and hailstones are falling from the sky with cool animations and speedometers. You will see vivid maps that highlight the strongest, smelliest and stormiest parts of any weather system moving through their neighborhood.

With Rainbow Radars, You can track exactly which way storms travel across roads, rivers and mountains. They’ll watch weather systems churn, merge, split apart and dissolve altogether right on the radar screen. Weather phenomena that were once mysteries will become everyday discoveries.

Customizable Alerts

Rainbow Radars lets you set their own special weather alerts so they never miss out on fun weather days or get caught by surprise! You can choose which types of precipitation will trigger an alert, like rain, snow, sleet or hail.

They can also select exactly which locations in the app will activate an alert. Maybe you want to know whenever it’s snowing at the sledding hill or raining at the beach. Rainbow Radars alerts will notify them even when the app is closed.

With Rainbow Radars alerts, you stay informed about the weather that matters most to them each day. They’ll get alerts about the fun weather coming to their neighborhood, town or city and can plan the perfect weather adventure using radar maps to guide them.

Easy to Use Interface

Rainbow Radars has a cool weather interface that’s simple for you to explore! It’s packed with radar maps, charts and more but avoids complicated buttons, menus and jargon that might confuse little ones.

Everything in Rainbow Radars is designed for easy tapping, swiping and discovery from the moment children open the app. you can zoom in on any location, reposition the radar scope or change what’s showing onscreen using fun and familiar gestures.

The interface encourages natural exploration while explaining new weather concepts through visualization. You may not realize they’re learning physics and atmospheric science with each new discovery!

From peeking at what precipitation is falling on the playground to reading graphs showing air pressure changes over time, Rainbow Radars brings weather knowledge into the palm of their hands through interfaces customized for childlike wonder.

How to Download and Install RainViewer Mod Apk

If you’re interested in using RainViewer Mod Apk, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and install the app:

  • Step 1: Download the APK File
  • Step 2: Enable Installation from Unknown Sources
  • Step 3: Install the APK File
  • Step 4: Enjoy RainViewer Mod Apk

After the installation process is complete, you can open RainViewer Mod Apk and start using all its features and benefits.


Rainbow Radars offers ad-free and enhanced radar options for even more weather detail. The premium edition monitors weather movements down to the speed of each drop! It alerts you to the most extreme weather and lets them compare conditions in cities across the globe.

With an easy interface, visual tools, and weather knowledge that inspires passion for discovery, Rainbow Radars fuels excitement about the world outside. Its reliable and family-friendly content makes getting outside more spontaneous and fun for all.



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RainViewer: Weather Radar Map v2.20 (Premium)(Mod Extra)

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