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Notifybuddy Mod Apk v1.96 [Premium Unlocked]

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Are you frustrated by missing crucial notifications from your Android smartphone because it doesn’t possess a light-up LED for notifications? You should consider Notifybuddy! This useful app lets you simulate a LED light for notifications on the display of your smartphone with AMOLED and ensures that you don’t lose another important text or phone call.

Compatible With Android Oreo and later versions, Notifybuddy is easy to utilize and provides a variety of customizable options. Select the apps you wish to get notifications from and choose your preferred color for each.

Additionally, with the Premium version, you’ll get access to additional features, including changing the size of the LED and increasing timers. Do not let the absence of a notification lamp hinder your progress any longer Try Notifybuddy now.

NotifyBuddy Premium Apk

About Notifybuddy Premium

Notifybuddy It is an Android application that allows users to use a simulated LED light for notification on AMOLED-equipped smartphones. It works with Android Oreo and later versions and was evaluated with Oneplus 6T. Oneplus 6T. In order to use the app users have to turn off the Ambient Display and energy optimizations that the app uses as well as allow notification access.

Notifybuddy Mod Apk

You can choose the apps that you wish to get notifications from as well as select a specific hue for each of the apps. Apart from these fundamental options, Notifybuddy also offers an array of extra options like the option to alter the time of animation, the LED color, their position and also receive alerts in the event of missed calls.

There is also an upgraded version that provides additional features, including being able to modify the size of the light and also add timers. In the end, Notifybuddy is a useful application for those who wish to add a notification light for their smartphones with AMOLED displays.

notifybuddy premium apk 2022

Some of the features are:

Customizable LED Colors

One of the most notable characteristics that are unique to Notifybuddy is the capability to change the color of the LED to each of the selected applications. It allows you to pick a different color for each application, making it simple to identify what app the message is from, without looking up from your smartphone. This is especially useful when there are a large number of applications on your phone, and you receive numerous notifications.

Change the Timing of LED Animation

Alongside customizing the LED color, Notifybuddy also allows you to alter the animation duration. You can select what time the LED’s animation is displayed in your display before it fades away. This could be especially useful in the case of a number of notifications. You aren’t keen for the LED’s animated animation to be in your display for a long time, or when you’re using a variety of applications with identical LED colors, and you want to differentiate among them better.

NotifyBuddy Pro Apk

Switch the LED Position

Notifybuddy offers you the option of changing the direction of the LED’s animated animation displayed on the screen. This is useful when you own a huge smartphone and the animation is located in a place that is difficult to read or you would prefer that the LED’s motion be located in a different spot on the screen.

Notifications of missed calls

Notifybuddy is not the only app that allows users to be notified of new messages that are received and updates to the app however, it also lets users to be notified of missed calls. This is particularly helpful when you’re in a loud environment or have too much to do to take the call whenever it is ringing.

NotifyBuddy Pro Apk 2022

Change the size of the LED

The most advanced version of Notifybuddy comes with the option to alter the dimensions of the LED’s animation. This could be helpful if you’re using a phone with a tiny screen and the animation of the LED is too small for you to view clearly, or if you want a more expansive LED animation.

Add Time for Downtime

The upgraded version of Notifybuddy comes with the option to include a downtime feature, which permits users to set a duration during which they don’t want to receive notifications. This could be helpful if you’re trying to concentrate on work or need tranquility for a bit.

Final words

To conclude, Notifybuddy is a must-have application for Android users looking to enjoy the ease of a LED light on their smartphone. With its modern features and options for customization, Notifybuddy makes it easy to keep track of all notifications. You’ll ensure that you never miss important messages or phone calls ever again.

In the end, Notifybuddy Premium is an indispensable app for anyone who wants to enhance their notifications using their Android phone.



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Notifybuddy Mod Apk v1.96 [Premium Unlocked]

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