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MX Player Pro Apk v1.64.4 (FULL) (No Ads+Paid Unlocked)

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Are you fed up of having to deal with ad-blockers that make it difficult to stream your most loved videos? Take a look at MX Player Professional Apk.

MX Player Pro is the professional version with no ads of the beloved MX Player video player app. Created by video experts who have years of experience, MX Player Pro provides the most seamless, ad-free experience, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the media.

If you’re fed up of the free video players with ads that are annoying and don’t need a clear, non-advertising user experience MX Player Pro is the right choice. Its light, non-distracting style and a primary concentration on playback, MX Player Pro provides you with the basic pleasures of continuous videos on your Android. Make the switch to a pro version to experience how fun the media you play.

More About Mx Player Pro

MX Player Pro is an excellent media player app for Android devices that provides so many useful features and high-quality decoders. It support various video and audio formats, including 1080p, 3gp, Mp4, H264, Mov, Flv.

MX Player Pro is a paid version of MX Player that delivers an uninterrupted viewing experience without any annoying ads. It is designed to be lightweight with only core capabilities, so some regionally restricted tools like online videos may not be available at the moment. If you dislike ads and still want to enjoy the pro version, you can try installing the mod version. By downloading the MX Player Pro APK file from a trusted website, you can get an ad-free experience without any disturbances.

MX Player Pro APK

MX Player Pro also offers gaming features, where users can play some casual games and earn rewards, such as LUDO, Chess, Quiz, Bubble Shooter, and much more. The app has a wide range of simple games, and users can enjoy them at no cost.

Features of Mx Player Pro Apk

Here are the key benefits you can get with the modded MX Player Pro:


MX Player Pro incorporates hardware acceleration, enabling users to leverage their device’s hardware to speed up playback and enhance the overall experience. The app’s new HW+ decoder expands hardware acceleration to additional video formats, resulting in improved performance across more content.

Hardware acceleration offloads demanding tasks from the CPU and GPU, allowing the app to playback multimedia more efficiently without lag, stutter or buffering. It provides an unparalleled viewing and gaming experience by capitalizing on the hardware capabilities of Android devices. Users can enjoy content in full HD, 4K, 3D and other formats like never before.

Mx Player Pro extra Mod Apk


MX Player Pro is the first Android video player to leverage multi-core decoding for enhanced performance. It harnesses the combined power of multiple CPU cores to accelerate playback and provide a faster, smoother experience, especially on dual-core and powerful devices.

  • Testing results indicate up to a 70% performance boost on dual-core devices compared to single-core. So users with more capable hardware can enjoy significantly improved speed and efficiency.
  • Multi-core decoding distributes demanding decoding tasks across multiple cores simultaneously instead of sequentially. This allows the app to process video content much more rapidly without lagging or stuttering.
  • It fully unleashes the potential of modern dual-core, quad-core and high-end Android devices by enabling them to decode multimedia even more quickly and responsively. The increased decoding throughput translates to an superior viewing and gaming experience.


MX Player Pro incorporates pinch to zoom, zoom, and pan features that empower users to magnify and pan around videos with utmost simplicity and control. These capabilities enable an unparalleled viewing experience by giving visual access from wide landscapes to microscopic details.

Pinch to zoom allows pinching in with two fingers to zoom in for closer examination or pinching out to zoom out and expand the field of view. It’s an instinctive and immediate way to adjust magnification on the fly based on personal interest areas within the video frame. An easy yet powerful magnification that brings out every subtlety.


MX Player Pro enhances the subtitle experience with innovative navigation features. Users can now intuitively flick through long, intricate subtitle tracks using simple gestures.

Scrolling forward or backward with a swipe of the finger moves the text seamlessly to the next or previous section. Subtitle text can also be dynamically sized up or down with a pinch-to-zoom motion for optimal readability.

Ever struggled with cramped subtitles or had trouble keeping up with fast-paced dialogue? Subtitle gestures solve those issues. Quickly pan up or down through dense passages or adjust the text size on the fly based on personal preference.

Subtitles have never been so interactive and engaging. MX Player Pro brings a whole new level of immersion and comprehension to any video. Skip, scan, zoom and customize captioning to your liking with these smart, subtle controls. Pose no more challenges in following along with any movie, TV show, educational video or more. Subtitle gestures empower viewers with an unparalleled subtitle experience.

MX Player Pro Apk 2022


MX Player Pro streamlines file sharing and makes transferring content between devices effortless. No more tedious uploading, downloading or waiting for large files to sync over limited mobile data.

With a simple tap, send your favorite songs, videos, photos, documents or any other file instantly to another MX Player Pro user nearby. Whether sharing memories with friends and family or collaborating with colleagues on the go, file transfer handles the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on connecting with others.

Never again struggle with unreliable Wi-Fi hotspots, data caps or the frustration of buffering during important moments. MX Player Pro eliminates the barriers of location and connection for meaningful exchange of information between devices.


Give your kids their own digital playground while maintaining complete control and oversight. MX Player Pro’s kids lock provides a safe space for enjoyment and exploration without the worry of unwanted access or excess screen time.

As a parent, you know what your children can handle and want to provide entertaining content in moderation. Kids lock delivers just that by blocking calls, chat features, purchases and more within the app. Only pre-approved content is allowed to keep kids engaged for the perfect amount of time.

Make MX Player Pro an educational tool that fuels creativity and curiosity without distraction or danger. Lock in educational apps, games, audiobooks, cartoons and kid favorites while preventing interruptions or in-app spending. Provide high-quality, mindful programming that sparks imagination.

Mod Features

  • No annoying ads: MX Player Pro removes all ads from the app so you can watch videos uninterrupted. No more ads popping up to bother you during playback.
  • Nullified ad invoke methods: The Pro version nullifies any app invokes related to showing ads. This ensures zero chances of ads disrupting your viewing experience.
  • Disabled ad layouts: MX Player Pro disables the layouts used to display ads. You won’t even see any empty space reserved for ads in the interface.
  • No splash screen: MX Player Pro starts you straight into video playback without a splash screen. No wasting time waiting for the app to load, you can start watching immediately.
  • Disable rate popups: The annoying prompts asking you to rate the app can be disabled in MX Player Pro. No more constant reminders to review the app, you can just enjoy using it.

Pros and Cons of MX Player


  • Free and open source: MX Player is completely free to download and use. It is also open source, allowing anyone to view and modify the code.
  • Plays almost any video: MX Player supports a wide range of video formats including MP4, WebM, MKV, WMV, FLV, 3GP and more. It can play virtually any video file you have.
  • VLC-like features: MX Player has pro-level features that make it comparable to VLC media player. Things like video effects, audio sync adjustment, subtitle management, playlist creation and more.
  • Casting options: You can cast MX Player’s video output to a TV, projector or other external display using casting protocols like Chromecast, Miracast and DLNA.
  • Customizable interface: MX Player allows you to customize the interface with your own skin or theme. The default skin is also highly customizable with color schemes, font choices and layout options.
  • Tested and trusted: MX Player is used by millions of users worldwide. It is tested rigorously to ensure a high standard of quality, performance, and stability.


  • Ads in free version: The free MX Player app contains ads which can be annoying while using the interface or watching videos. The pro paid version removes ads.
  • Confusing interface: The highly customizable interface with multiple options and settings can be overwhelming and confusing for beginners. It takes time to learn how to use all the features effectively.
  • Limited casting features: While casting is supported, the options and quality may be limited compared to dedicated casting apps. Not all features or formats may cast properly.
  • Requires moderate technical knowledge: To access more advanced features like video effects, audio syncing or subtitle options, you need to have at least a moderate level of technical knowledge about video playback and formats.
  • No Chromecast Ultra support: MX Player currently does not support casting to Chromecast Ultra devices, only standard Chromecast. The quality is limited to 1080p with Chromecast.
  • No H.265/HEVC playback: MX Player cannot play H.265 or HEVC video files. These advanced formats require a player with more robust hardware-accelerated decoding support.
  • No 4K or HDR: MX Player is limited to 1080p HD playback. It does not currently support Ultra HD 4K or HDR video formats.

Final Word

Overall, MX Player Pro delivers a comprehensive yet lightweight video experience. With only the essentials and no surplus bloatware or backgrounds apps, you get a stripped-back interface tailored for watching videos.

MX Player Pro succeeds at providing an unparalleled viewing experience through its ad-free nature, customization options, and useful features. Upgrade to the premium version and bring your video watching to new heights with seamless playback, enhanced visuals, and more. MX Player Pro enhances every aspect of viewing video on Android for an truly immersive entertainment experience.

In conclusion, MX Player Pro Apk is the premium choice if you crave an ad-free, customizable video playback expertise on your Android device. This well-rounded player delivers a pro-level viewing experience with all the right features for getting lost in your content.



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MX Player Pro Apk v1.64.4 (FULL) (No Ads+Paid Unlocked)

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