Instander: Instagram Mod Apk v15.4 [Unlocked Full]

If you are looking for an Instagram mod that allows you to customize your feed, look no further than Instander. This app allows you to add hashtags, add media, and more. It’s a great app for those who want to make their feed more personal.

Instander: Instagram Mod Apk
 App NameInstander
 Apk Size50MB
 Latest Versionv15.4
 MOD InfoAll Features Unlocked
 Last UpdateMarch 10, 2022

What is Instander APK?

InStander is an unofficial version of Instagram that has a plethora of features that you just can’t get on the official Instagram app. It also allows you to hide your DMs, download photos from other users’ stories and watch their full-size DPs without letting them know you’re watching them.

Features of Instander Apk

InstaMod is a free application available for both Android and iOS devices that can perform most of the Instagram functions. The software includes some of the following features:

Download Pictures and Videos

Instagram has become an integral part of how we consume information on the internet. This social network allows me to follow the same people who post their own content, and view what other users post. I love watching other people’s funny vine videos and making them mine for my own purposes.

You can use the InstaDownloader app to download images and videos from Instagram and save them to your device.

You can easily download things from the Internet to your smartphone by clicking the ‘Download’ button on the website.

Close Friends List

You can share your story anonymously. This will give you a feeling of privacy and confidentiality, which is perfect for those who want to keep their own secrets. You can create a private list of contacts to share with your friends and family. And you can easily remove them at any time. You can share your lists with your friends, but only you can view them whenever you like.

Hide Stories from List

For privacy and security, I sometimes prefer to hide the information I’m not sure my friends would like to see. That’s why I use the Hide option on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and any other social networks I use to share stories.

Now you can post any content you want, provided it’s in line with the app’s terms and conditions, you can enjoy creating your posts and let the chosen few enjoy watching them.

Allow Message Replies

Some people on social media sites, forums, groups, and even blogs are nothing but mean-spirited, negative and always complaining, or ‘hating’ and ready to attack people who disagree with them. They take delight in giving us negative feedback, or just not liking what we say. But what do we do about it? We either ignore them, block them, or just stop replying or responding to them.

With the new Instander app, you can now block someone who is being negative or who has been unfriendly to you in the past. You can either block them for good or just reply to their messages so you can avoid getting into another argument.

Save Story to Archive

If you haven’t got enough space on your device to download the latest and greatest media, you can turn this feature on, and it will automatically save photos and videos in your archive, so you don’t have to see them on your phone.

You’ll be able to make private, secure photos and videos. The benefit of this is you don’t have to worry about someone else being able to view your personal pictures and videos.

When you use a video streaming service, your live videos are uploaded and saved automatically to the servers at the time of upload.


I don’t mind my followers adding my feed posts and IGTV videos to their stories, but there are times when I do need to keep them out. If I make a mistake and it is added to someone’s story I will quickly turn off the switch that allows for the sharing to happen.

This also applies to sharing photos and videos from your story as messages because you can toggle this feature on and off as you please. Finally, you can choose to automatically share photos and videos from your story to your Facebook story and share them with your friends on that platform.

No Advertisements

A sponsored post on Instagram is a post that is paid for by someone else and is typically promoted by a brand or company. These posts may include images or videos and can be shown prominently on your feed.

The ads can be a bit annoying at times but they’re not so bad that they’re a problem. They’re really there to make money for the businesses who pay for them, so you shouldn’t let it bother you.

When you install the Instander app on your Android device, you get an ad-free platform that allows you to view the important stuff on your feed alone. The ads can be disabled under the privacy setting.

Ghost Mode

This is an excellent way to ensure that no one is able to spy on your texts. To make this setting available, you need to tap the top-right button, tap the three dots, then scroll down until you see the settings icon and click it. Then select ”Ghost Mode.

Instanter is great for sending a little nudge to someone without them knowing you were watching. You could potentially send someone a story, then wait for the recipient to read it and react to it. When they do, you can go in and check out their reaction! It’s so simple and easy.

You can decide to hide your activity as a viewer from people’s stories and they won’t know that you watched it even if it was specifically meant for you. Lastly, you can be the type that doesn’t have an immediate reply when you receive a message and wouldn’t like to look offensive by leaving people on reading. With the ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ feature you can read someone’s message in your DM and close the app without them realizing that you read it in the first place.

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Final Word

If you’re tired of having to spend time and money to buy extra Instagram features then this is for you. It’s an unofficial, ad-free app that lets you access all your favorite Instagram features without having to pay extra for them. This app is the fastest way to get access to all of Instagram’s latest features without having to pay anything.

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