Google Camera for Realme 9 5G SE

Google Camera for Realme 9 5G SE (Latest GCam Apk)

Hey there! Want to make the camera on your Realme 9 5G SE take even better pictures? Try installing the Google Camera app. It’s a really popular camera app developed by Google that can give you awesome photos, even in tricky lighting.

This tutorial will show you exactly how to get Google Camera on your Realme 9 5G SE and customize it so all its cool features work perfectly with your phone’s camera. By following the steps, you’ll be snapping amazing photos in no time!

Google Camera for Realme 9 5G SE (Latest GCam Apk)

Google Camera app, also known as GCam, is one of the coolest camera apps for Android phones. It was created by Google and has some really advanced features that let you take super awesome photos, even in low light.
If you’re not happy with the pictures you’ve been taking with your Realme 9 5G SE, you should definitely install the GCam app. I bet it will make your photos look way better!

To get GCam on your Realme 9 5G SE, you need to download the app install file, which is called an APK. You can search online for “GCam APK Realme 9 5G SE” and find it. Once you download the APK, go to your phone’s security settings and turn on “Allow installation from unknown sources”. This lets you install apps from places other than the Google Play Store.
Then, just tap on the APK file to install it!

After GCam is set up, you may want to download another file called a config file. This file will make sure all of GCam’s cool features work properly on your phone. To get the config file, make a “GCam” folder and inside it, a “configs” folder. Move the config file into the configs folder.
Once that’s done, open the GCam app and tap the black empty space for a while. This will open the config menu. Select your config file and tap “RESTORE”. This will enable the file for GCam.

With GCam installed and the config file set, you’ll have access to all of its pro features for taking awesome photos with your Realme 9 5G SE.
If anything goes wrong while installing GCam or the config file, don’t worry. You can try a different APK or config, or ask for help from me, other phone experts or Realme support.

Some of the features are:

Super Res Zoom

Super Res Zoom feature in Google Camera is so cool! It lets you take super clear pictures of things that are really far away. You know how sometimes subjects in photos look blurry if they’re too small in the picture? Super Res Zoom fixes that problem.

With Super Res Zoom, you can zoom in on anything without the photo getting blurry or messed up. It’s like having super vision! You can capture tiny details that normal cameras miss.

AR Emojis

Google Camera app has the coolest feature ever: AR Emojis! With AR Emojis, you can create your own fun emojis that look just like you. It’s like having little digital versions of yourself that you can use in messages, photos and videos.

To make an AR Emoji, open the Google Camera app and look for the “More” tab. Tap on “AR Emojis” and select “Capture New Emoji”. The app will have you position your face so it can create a 3D model of your head. Don’t move around or blink, just stay really still.

Google Lens

Google Lens – one of the coolest features in the Google Camera app. Google Lens packs some really advanced AI that lets you discover new things about the world around you, just by pointing your camera at them.

Just aim your camera and snap a photo. Google Lens will instantly tell you the name, interesting facts and even show an image if it recognizes it. Ever see a sign or book with text in a language you don’t recognize? Scan it with your camera and Google Lens will automatically translate it into the language you prefer.


TimeLapse feature in Google Camera lets you create really cool sped up videos that show time passing really fast! It’s like watching an incredible time-lapse photography video instantly.

With TimeLapse, you can capture long periods of time unfolding over just a few minutes. Want to watch the sunrise or sunset quickly? Use TimeLapse to speed up hours of sunlight into a short, vivid video. See how plants grow or how nature changes with the seasons rapidly. TimeLapse tackles the slowest parts of life and surroundings and condensts them down into excitement.

You can Speed up TimeLapse videos as much or as little as you like to create a unique style. Maybe you prefer a subtle sped-up effect or want to see days go by in just seconds. TimeLapse allows you to experiment and find a speed that you love for any capture.


Slow Motion feature in Google Camera lets you capture videos that play back super slow and dramatic. It’s like watching the coolest action scenes unfold at a really creeping pace.

With Slow Motion, you can highlight the most exciting parts of any video. Fast movements and intense actions that would blur together normally pop out in gorgeous detail. You’ll notice shapes, textures and physics involved that simply can’t be appreciated at full speed.

Want to capture wild animals moving stealthily or sports stars pulling off amazing tricks? Slow Motion is perfect for shoots that demand close attention and multiple viewings. See the impact of collisions, spins and leaps unfold centimeter by centimeter. Create slow-motion sequences for bigger impacts and really draw the viewer in.

How to install GCam APK on Realme 9 5G SE

Here are the steps to install the GCam APK on the Realme 9 5G SE:

  • Download the GCam APK file for your Realme 9 5G SE model. You can search online for “GCam APK Realme 9 5G SE” and find the download link. Make sure you download the APK that specifically supports your device.
  • Enable the option to “Allow installation from unknown sources” on your Realme 9 5G SE. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Go to Settings → Security → Unknown sources and toggle the switch to turn the option on.
  • Once the GCam APK and the “Unknown sources” option are ready, connect your Realme 9 5G SE to a Wi-Fi network. This allows the installation process to download additional system files if needed.
  • Tap on the GCam APK file you downloaded to begin installation. Your phone will prompt you through the installation process. Follow the steps to proceed with installation.
  • After the installation is complete, tap “Open” or “Launch” to start the GCam app on your Realme 9 5G SE.
  • Once in the GCam app, you may need to download and apply a config file to configure the app for your specific device model. Search online for a GCam config file for the Realme 9 5G SE and follow the instructions to apply it. This will ensure all features work properly.
  • Your GCam app should now be installed and functional on the Realme 9 5G SE. You may need to disable some stock camera features before using GCam to avoid confusion between the two camera apps. Select GCam as your default camera app when you’re ready to start taking photos.

Let me know if you have any issues or get stuck at any point in the installation process. I’m happy to help you get the GCam app set up and working well on your Realme 9 5G SE. Good luck!

Final Word

Google Camera app, or GCam, brings advanced photography features originally designed by Google for Pixel devices to other Android smartphones. By downloading and configuring the GCam APK on your Realme 9 5G SE, you unlock a world of creative possibilities with your camera.

Night Sight eliminates the need for a tripod in low light, Super Res Zoom lets you capture distant details, and Google Lens provides on-demand information about anything you frame. Slow Motion and TimeLapse allow you to see familiar scenes with a sense of wonder, while AR Emojis bring your expressions to life.

GCam transforms your Realme 9 5G SE into a pocket-sized studio, giving you control over every aspect of the shooting process. Use it for pro-level action shots or introspective explorations of light and shadow. Capture life’s fleeting magic or nestled moments of calm.

With GCam, your Realme 9 5G SE camera can achieve results to rival any dedicated camera. Push your photography skills further than ever before through features born from Google’s vision. Make every shot a work of art and inspire a lifelong love of discovery through your lens. The potential is in your hands – happy shooting!



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Google Camera for Realme 9 5G SE (Latest GCam Apk)

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