PlayStore Bans 8 Malicious Crypto Apps 2021 -Checkout To Delete Them

Google banned eight apps from the Google Play Store which claimed to be cryptocurrency mining apps and charged a fee.

PlayStore Bans 8 Malicious Crypto Apps

The cryptocurrency market is becoming more popular every day. Mining is a popular way of making money. Hackers are exploiting the growing interest in cryptocurrency and tricking people into downloading malware apps on their phones.

These applications can contain malware and adware that could harm users’ privacy and steal their data. Google, an Alphabet-owned firm, has removed eight of these malicious apps from the Google Play Store. Continue reading to learn more about the Google banned app list, which includes several cryptocurrency apps.

Google Play Store Bans 8 Fake Cryptocurrency Mining applications

Eight applications that claimed to be cryptocurrency mining apps were removed by Google from the Google Play Store. These apps were causing victims to watch ads and pay subscriptions for increased mining capabilities in order to make more profit.

These apps charged an average of $15 per month. Trend Micro, a Japanese security company, discovered the malicious activities of the apps and reported them to Google. The applications were then removed from the Google Play Store. Google has banned BitFunds, Bitcoin Miner, and many other apps.

List of apps that is banned by Google in August 2021

  1. Ethereum (ETH) Pool Mining Cloud
  2. MineBit Pro Crypto Cloud Mining and & BTC Miner
  3. Bitcoin 2021
  4. Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System  
  5. Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining 
  6. Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet 
  7. Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining 
  8. BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining 

Trend Micro reported that the two applications mentioned above were paid. The Crypto Holic Bitcoin Cloud Mining costs $12.99. Users had to pay $5.99 for another app called Daily Bitcoin Reward – Cloud Based Mining before they could download the application.

The report says that over 120 similar cryptocurrency mining applications can be found online. Trend Micro has a blog that states, “These apps which do not allow cryptocurrency mining and deceive users to watch in-app advertisements have affected more than 4,500 users globally between July 2020 & July 2021.”

Here are some ways to recognize a fake app for crypto mining

  • Take the time to read reviews. Apps that are fake will get numerous 5-star ratings once they’re released. Pay more attention 1 star reviews.
  • Do not enter a false or invalid cryptocurrency wallet account: Trend Micro claims that if the user enters an invalid address in their wallet and the app accepts it, it is likely that the app may be fraudulent.
  • It is possible to restart your app or phone during mining.
  • You should confirm whether there is a withdrawal fee. Cryptocurrency transfers require a handling fee. This fee is much higher than the one that is typically made using cloud mining. According to the firm, no withdrawals are allowed.

Over the past few months, cryptocurrency mining has attracted everyone’s attention. Hackers are making use of the public interest in cryptocurrency to trick innocent citizens into downloading malicious apps on their phones that contain malware and adware. Google has already removed these malicious actors. Stay safe and keep updated with

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