Gcam for Realme 9 and 9 Pro Plus

Google Camera for Realme 9 & 9 Pro Plus

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Hey guys! If you have a Realme 9 or 9 Pro Plus phone and want to make your camera even better, you should try installing GCam. GCam stands for Google Camera and it’s an app that Google made to take super cool photos.

Even though GCam was first only for Pixel phones, some really smart developers created versions of GCam that work on other phones like the Realme 9 and 9 Pro Plus. Once you install GCam on your Realme device, you’ll be able to take amazing photos using special features like Astrophotography for better night sky shots, Night Sight for much darker photos, Panorama for super wide landscape photos, and more!

The best part is that you can customize GCam to make your perfect camera. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to get GCam on your Realme 9 or 9 Pro Plus phone and recommend the most popular and stable versions of GCam for these phones.

Google Camera for Realme 9 & 9 Pro Plus

GCam is a popular camera app made by Google that is great at taking awesome photos. At first, GCam was only for Google Pixel phones but some super smart developers created versions that work on other phones too, like the Realme 9 Pro Plus.

The Realme 9 Pro Plus actually has a really nice camera- it uses a Sony sensor that’s fantastic for photos but the regular camera app might not utilize it fully. By installing GCam on the Realme 9 Pro Plus, you’ll be able to do cool things like Astrophotography for epic night sky shots, Night Sight for super dark photos, Panorama for huge landscape pics, and more!

You can also load special config files to customize GCam exactly how you like. Though, using GCam can sometimes cause the viewfinder to lag a bit on phones with MediaTek chips like the Realme 9 Pro Plus.

Luckily, many users say that the MGC 8.4.600 and LMC 8.4 versions of GCam work great on the Realme 9 Pro Plus and don’t need any config files.

Give one of these versions a try and I bet you’ll be snapping professional-level photos in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions about installing GCam. I’m happy to help in a way that’s easy to understand. Camera skills upgrade, here we go!

Some of the features are:

GCam has so many cool features to help you take awesome photos with your Realme 9 Pro Plus phone!

Astrophotography mode: This lets you take long exposure shots of the night sky, stars, moon and constellations. You’ll get epic night sky photos.

Night Sight mode: This helps you capture really good low-light photos without a tripod. You can take clear photos even in dim light like concerts or restaurants. GCam combines multiple shots to make one bright photo.

Panorama mode: This lets you take really wide panorama shots that are way bigger than a regular photo. GCam stitches multiple photos together for epic sweeping cityscape or landscape photos.

Motion Photos: GCam can capture short video clips along with your regular photos. This adds some movement or captures a magical moment that might be missed in a still photo.

Lens Blur mode: This adds a bokeh effect to make the background blurry while keeping your subject sharp. It’s a popular photo effect that makes your photos more dramatic.

Other features: GCam also has features like HDR+, Portrait mode and more. These let you customize your photos and enhance them in different ways.

GCam is an awesome camera app that will majorly upgrade your photos from the Realme 9 Pro Plus. If you have a Realme 9 Pro Plus phone and want to become a pro photographer, install GCam and use all these cool features.

How to download and Install GCam on Realme 9 & 9 Pro Plus

Here are the steps to download and install GCam on your Realme 9 or 9 Pro Plus:

  1. Go to the below the page and find the thread for downloading GCam on Realme 9 & 9 Pro Plus. This will have the latest versions of GCam that are optimized and stable for these devices.
  2. Once you find the link to download the GCam APK, tap on it to start downloading the file. The file will have an extension like “GCam_8.1.101_MGC-route-me-9-pro_plus.apk”.
  3. When the download completes, connect your Realme 9/9 Pro Plus to a computer with USB debugging enabled. This will allow you to transfer the GCam APK file to your phone’s storage.
  4. On your computer, locate the GCam APK file you just downloaded. Then transfer it to your Realme 9/9 Pro Plus’s internal storage or external SD card.
  5. Disconnect your Realme 9/9 Pro Plus from the computer.
  6. On your Realme 9/9 Pro Plus, go to the Files app, find and tap on the GCam APK file to install it.
  7. When the installation completes, go to the app drawer and launch the GCam app.
  8. Once GCam opens, you may see options to select the rear camera module and config files. Choose the options for your Realme 9/9 Pro Plus camera. Then tap to set the selected config.
  9. You can now start using various features of GCam like Night SightAstrophotography, Panorama, etc. to take amazing photos!

Final Word

In conclusion, GCam is a powerful third-party camera app that can significantly improve the photo quality of the Realme 9 and 9 Pro Plus. By downloading and installing the optimized version of GCam for these devices, you gain access to advanced features like Night Sight, Astrophotography, Panorama and more.

GCam allows you to capture stunning shots in low light, vivid astrophotographs, expansive panoramas and professional-level portraits. You can also customize your camera experience by loading different config files and adjusting the app to your tastes.



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Google Camera for Realme 9 & 9 Pro Plus

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