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Elsa Speak MOD APK v7.0.6 (Premium Unlocked)

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Are you struggling to speak English with confidence? Do you wish you could improve your American accent? Look no further than ELSA Speak Pro, the online English language learning app that uses artificial intelligence and exclusive voice recognition to help you achieve your language learning goals.

With over 3,000 lessons covering everyday conversation and real-time feedback on your pronunciation and fluency, ELSA makes it easy for students, professionals, and travelers to improve their English speaking skills. Plus, with a speaking proficiency score, bilingual support in 45+ languages, and interactive learning games, ELSA has all the tools you need to succeed.

You’ll have access to customized training and tracking tools to monitor your progress. Don’t let a lack of confidence or a thick accent hold you back any longer. Try ELSA Speak Pro Mod Apk today and start speaking English with ease.

About Elsa Speak

ELSA Speak is an English learning and practice app powered by artificial intelligence technology that uses voice recognition software to recognize users and assist with improving their English. Specifically designed to assist those learning the language from scratch as native speakers would do it, the app offers exercises such as pronunciation tests, conversation questions, intonation exercises in sentences and entrance tests that test users at every lesson level – not only providing assessment results of what their current level of English is like but also tracking and showing progress reports for every one.

ELSA Speak Mod APK is the PRO version of ELSA Speak APK and allows users to quickly complete any task or requirement within the app quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, its advanced features help students learn English faster while becoming fluent speakers of this foreign tongue – with access to hundreds of courses and themes unlocked free-of-cost on various websites allowing free download.

Some of the features are:

Real-time speech recognition feedback

One of the standout features of ELSA is its real-time speech recognition feedback feature, which helps users improve pronunciation and fluency when speaking English. By receiving instantaneous feedback on spoken English from this feature, users are given immediate adjustments needed for improving skills quickly. No matter if you are beginner or more advanced learner; real-time speech recognition feedback will take your English skills to another level!

Bilingual assistance available in 45+ languages

ELSA offers instruction and feedback in 45+ regional languages, making it accessible and convenient for English language learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Users may select bilingual support so as to receive instruction and feedback in their mother tongue for enhanced understanding and retention of new information – this feature may prove particularly helpful to those who feel more at home learning in their mother tongue, or who are struggling to comprehend English explanations.

Advice and assistance on various subjects

ELSA provides its users with over 40 topics to explore, from travel tips to job interview advice. Each topic aims to facilitate smooth English learning experience as you expand knowledge about American culture and language. If you are planning a trip or simply improving English skills, using ELSA’s tips and advisory will give you confidence and help prepare you better!

Interactive learning games (ILGs).

ELSA goes beyond lessons and speech recognition feedback by offering interactive learning games for its users to practice their English skills. These games cover everything from pronunciation and grammar, word stress to rhythmic intonation listening conversation – giving users an engaging way to develop fluency while having some fun! No matter your goal ELSA’s games provide a compelling and enjoyable way for enhancing and honing language abilities.

ELSA Pro Subscription

For those wanting to take their English learning to the next level, ELSA offers its Pro subscription option. Users gain access to over 3,000 bite-size English learning lessons covering over 40 essential topics including American accent and culture, travel and job interviews.

Pro subscribers also take advantage of tailored training to enhance their English pronunciation as well as tracking tools that monitor progress. No matter if it be to pass a language exam or simply increase speaking ability ELSA Pro can assist with reaching those goals.


Overall, ELSA Speak Mod Premium is an indispensable and convenient resource for improving English speaking abilities. Offering real-time speech recognition feedback, 45+ language support options, tips & advisories covering various subjects as well as interactive learning games; this software makes learning American English both accessible and efficient.

With an ELSA Pro subscription, users can take their language learning to another level through customized training and tracking tools. No matter if you are an English learner like yourself in school, work, travel or leisure environments ELSA Speak Mod Premium can help! Give it a try now to start speaking confident English today!



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Elsa Speak MOD APK v7.0.6 (Premium Unlocked)

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