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Clear Scan APK v7.6.1 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

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Are you tired of struggling with bulky scanners or low-quality scans from your phone’s camera? Clear Scan APK provides the ideal mobile scanning app for smartphones; its simple user-interface lets you scan any type of document quickly, including receipts, bills, class notes magazines etc.

About Clear Scan APK (Unlocked)

Clear Scan is an advanced mobile application designed to quickly and effortlessly scan documents, images and paper using any smartphone or mobile device. Turn your phone into an easy portable scanner allowing high-quality scans of documents such as books, magazines, receipts bills notes and class notes with this powerful yet convenient mobile solution.

Clear Scan is lightning fast, processing scans at lightning speeds to enable sharing across popular platforms such as email, Dropbox, OneDrive/SkyDrive/Google Drive/Evernote etc in no time at all. In addition, Clear Scan features professional editing/filtering options as well as being able to convert scans to JPEG or PDF format and print via Cloud Print with custom names for easy organization of scans.

No matter if you’re an academic, or professional, or simply need an efficient scanning solution – Clear Scan Mod APK offers reliable scanning at its core.

Some of the features are:

Automatic Document Edge Detection and Perspective Correction

Clear Scan APK stands out among scanner apps by its unique ability to automatically recognize document edges and correct perspective for optimal scanning results, eliminating manual cropping or straightening tasks from your plate. This feature is especially beneficial when scanning documents with irregular shapes or those slightly off-center as it ensures accurate and legible scans in their final form.

Extremely Fast Processing

Clear Scan APK was built for speed, enabling users to scan documents and images with minimal wait time. You don’t waste precious time waiting for scans to finish processing; Clear Scan APK’s fast processing times mean your scans arrive quicker – an essential feature for busy professionals or students looking for document sharing on-the-go! Clear Scan APK makes an ideal companion when on the move and sharing documents/images quickly with colleagues or students.

Professional Quality Results with Multiple Filter Options

Clear Scan APK offers more than just basic scanning features – it also boasts professional editing options to allow for customized scans once saved. Adjusting the brightness or shadow removal, and straightening out images that have become skewed is all available through Clear Scan APK to make them as clear and legible as possible – whether making minor edits or more extensive revisions are in your needs, this app has you covered.

Flexible Editing

Clear Scan APK goes beyond simple scanning apps – it also boasts professional editing features to customize and enhance the scans that have already been saved. Adjust the brightness, remove shadows and straighten out any skewed images in order to produce as clear and legible images as possible – whether making minor tweaks or performing extensive edits, Clear Scan APK is here for you.

Folders and Subfolders for Easy File Management

One of the key challenges associated with scanning apps is keeping track of your scanned documents and images. Clear Scan APK provides you with a solution by enabling you to easily organize them by creating folders and subfolders within them to easily keep track of everything scanned; creating specific folders for receipts, bills and class notes to make finding what you need easier when needed. With its intuitive folder system, you will soon have everything under your fingertips at any time!

Document Naming, Storage, and Search

Clear Scan APK provides more than just folder and subfolder systems; it also features options for naming, storing and searching scans. Custom names make them easier to identify while being stored within the app for quick and easy retrieval when needed. In addition, its search feature makes finding specific scans by keyword or phrase more straightforward allowing for convenient and timely access when required.

Adding or Deleting Pages and Page Reordering

Clear Scan APK offers many features for editing or adding pages to scanned documents, making the task easy for deleting sensitive pages or adding an extra one. Furthermore, this app makes reordering pages of documents much simpler; especially useful if they were originally out-of-order before scanning.

Final Word

Clear Scan Mod APK is the go-to app for anyone needing a quick, efficient mobile scanning solution. Offering fast processing speeds, professional-quality results, editing features and filters to filter images with precision for faster sharing, this powerful scanning app makes scanning documents, images, or paper simple!

No matter if you are a student, business professional, or anyone needing to quickly scan and share documents on the move, Clear Scan Mod APK is an ideal way to go about scanning documents hassle-free. Give it a try now to experience its convenience on the go.



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Clear Scan APK v7.6.1 MOD (Pro Unlocked)

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