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Bitmoji Mod Apk v11.79.0.9750 (Unlocked)

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Hey there! I think adding some personalized emojis and fun to your chats is a great idea. Have you heard of Bitmoji? It’s this really popular app that lets you design your own custom emojis, called Bitmojis.

These unique emojis can then be used in messaging apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and more to make your conversations more entertaining and expressive. Creating your Bitmoji is pretty simple. You start by choosing a base emoji that looks most like you, then customize all the details like hair, eyes, nose, mouth, accessories and outfits to make it perfectly match your style.

Once you’ve designed your Bitmoji, you can easily send it as stickers, GIFs or videos in any messaging app and your friends will know exactly who you meant! Using Bitmoji feels really natural since your personal emojis behave just like regular stickers.

Your Bitmoji can react, pose for photos together and even lip-sync along to audio messages. I think if you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to convey your personality in chats with friends, Bitmoji is an app worth checking out.

About Bitmoji Mod Apk

Bitmoji is a super popular app that lets you make your own personal emojis, called Bitmojis. These custom emojis can then be used while chatting with friends in apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and more to make conversations way more fun and expressive.

With Bitmoji, you start by picking an emoji that looks most like you and then customize all the details to make it your twin. Want different hair, glasses, outfits or accessories? No problem, you can change anything and everything until it’s an exact replica of you.

Then you’ll have your very own Bitmoji buddy to send to friends whenever you chat. Your Bitmoji will behave just like a real person, reacting to messages, taking selfies together and even lip-syncing to voice clips. It’s the perfect way to add your unique personality to chats and keep friends rolling with laughter. Bitmoji feels so natural to use since the emojis stick like normal stickers.

Bitmoji is free to download but if you want even more features, there’s also a Bitmoji Mod APK version available. Either one will give you a chance to unlock Friendmoji which are hilarious double Bitmoji emojis of you and your pals.

Overall, whether you go with the standard Bitmoji APK or Bitmoji Mod APK, it’s an app that’s guaranteed to bring more fun and laughter to all your conversations.

If expressing yourself and using the fun factor in your chats sounds good to you, Bitmoji is absolutely worth checking out. You can get Bitmoji APK and Bitmoji Mod APK for free from apkraid. Download now and start sending the coolest custom emojis to all your friends!

Some of the features are:

Create an Expressive Cartoon Avatar

Create your perfect cartoon doppelganger with Bitmoji! This app lets you craft an expressive emoji avatar that’s an exact replica of you. Want different hair, eye color, outfits or accessories? You’ve got options galore to make it your twin. Once your Bitmoji is done, you’ll have a funny friend to send whenever you chat that brings your unique personality to life.

Need to convey excitement? Annoyance? Amusement? There’s a Bitmoji expression for every emotion. Your Bitmoji’ll react just like a real person too, posing for photos together and even lip syncing audio messages. Use your Bitmoji worldwide in any messaging app to liven up conversations with friends and family. Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, you name it.

Your Bitmoji will stick and act like normal stickers, giving life to your chats through shared laughter and inside jokes. Bitmoji feels like the missing piece of communication that brings people together rather than keeps them apart behind anonymous screens.

Connecting over shared experiences through the use of expressive emojis fosters relatable moments of joy between friends no matter how far apart you are. If bringing more fun and friendship to your texting adventures sounds awesome, Bitmoji is an app you’ve gotta try.

Choose from a Huge Library of Stickers

Bitmoji has way more than just your custom emoji avatar, it also offers a massive collection of stickers for every theme and mood. Want to wish friends a happy birthday? Send a holiday greeting? Comment on the weather? Bitmoji’s got stickers for all of it.

Everyday life experiences too, from morning routines to after school activities. Studying, sports, gaming, shopping the mall, Bitmoji covers all the bases. And when it comes to emotions, you can find just the right sticker to match however you’re feeling. Joyful, annoyed, enthralled or indifferent. Bitmoji embodies them all.

Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and Other Messaging Apps

Bitmoji emojis are so much more than just for Snapchat, you can bring them to all your favorite messaging apps! Want to make Facebook chats more fun? Spice up WhatsApp discussions? Feature your Bitmoji in text messages too. The possibilities are endless once you’ve created your perfect emoji alter ego. Whether you’re chatting with local friends or staying in touch with loved ones abroad, Bitmoji makes any conversation more engaging and memorable. Send your Bitmoji as stickers, GIFs or even short video clips in any messaging app to add your unique personality to chats. Watch your Bitmoji react to what’s being said in real time and join in on inside jokes or banter back and forth like real friends.

Unlock Friendmoji on Snapchat

Snapchat users, you have to unlock Friendmoji! This awesome Bitmoji feature lets you make hilarious double emojis of yourself and your best pals. Once your Bitmoji avatar is created, you can design fun Friendmoji stickers, GIFs and lenses starring you and a friend together.

The possibilities are endless with Friendmoji. Want to recreate memories from the good times you shared? Comment on inside jokes that only you two understand. Surprise your friend with their own personalized Bitmoji for even more laughs. Friendmoji brings people together through the kinds of silly moments that cement bonds of friendship.

How to Get Beards on Bitmoji

Here are the steps to give your Bitmoji a beard, in list form:

1. Open the Bitmoji app and tap “Edit My Avatar.

2. Scroll down to “Facial Hair” and select it.

3. Choose a beard style from the options. Options include stubble, scruff, chin strap, goatee and full beard. Adjust the size and shape using the sliders.

4. Select a beard shape (rounded, square, pointed) to style your facial hair.

5. Tap “Done” to save your new beard.

6. Your beard will now appear on your Bitmoji avatar. Use it to send stickers, emojis and snapchat filters featuring your furry friend!

7. Beard styles available depend on whether you made a male or female Bitmoji. Both genders can rock any style of facial hair.

8. Grow stubble or a bushy beard, the choice is yours. Let your Bitmoji’s beard inspire your real world style.

9. Admire your Bitmoji’s scruff from afar or join the beard gang. Either way, you have a furry friend for life.

10. Bitmoji beards unleash your playful side by putting fun over feelings of scrutiny. Love who you are! Keep chatting with your beard and Bitmoji by your side.

11. Send the coolest beardy emojis and snaps to friends for laughs and inside jokes. Connect over shared beard-spiration.

12. Look back fondly on beard memories through old snaps and stories. Smile, knowing the importance a few simple moments now hold.

How do You Get old Bitmoji back?

Getting your old Bitmoji back is actually pretty simple. Here are the steps to restore a previous version of your avatar:

1. Open the Bitmoji app on your mobile device and tap “Edit My Avatar.” This will open your current Bitmoji avatar for editing.

2. At the top of the screen, tap “History.” This will show you a list of previous versions of your avatar.

3. Scroll through the list and find your desired old Bitmoji avatar. Tap on it to select it.

4. Tap “Restore” to make this your current avatar. This will overwrite your current Bitmoji with the selected previous version.

5. Your Bitmoji avatar will now be changed to the version you selected and restored. Any edits you made to your current avatar will be lost, so only restore the previous versions that you prefer.

6. You can continue toggling between different versions of your avatar by going to the History screen and selecting different Bitmojis to restore as needed.

7. To make new edits and start a new ” History ” of versions, begin editing details like hair, outfits, accessories and facial features on your current Bitmoji avatar. Then save the edited version to continue building your avatar’s history.

8. There is no limit to the number of versions you can save in your Bitmoji History. You can keep restoring previous favorites or continue moving forward with new Looks

Final Word

In summary, Bitmoji Mod APK offers a fantastic way to make messaging more memorable and meaningful with friends. By creating your own custom avatar, choosing from endless stickers and using your Bitmoji across platforms, you gain tools for self-expression that transcend the constraints of text alone.

Bitmoji just got better with their 2022 update, bringing new features and benefits to enhance the experience. Unlock additional avatar customization, special edition stickers and Friendmoji, improved performance or design.

Whatever’s in store, the next chapter of Bitmoji is sure to spark laughter and joy in chats with loved ones once more. Want to make everyday conversations feel extra special? Chat it up with Bitmoji Mod APK.



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Bitmoji Mod Apk v11.79.0.9750 (Unlocked)

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